my new MESH PC.

  Pez87 10:17 13 Feb 2006

just thought id let every1 know who i spoke to about my computer that it isa good buy and everything runs fine had a lil problem with installing my stuff but it is all sorted and it runs like a dream.

i said i would come back to let you know how it went so i did thanks to every1 that helped me.


  johnnyrocker 10:23 13 Feb 2006

might have been better to tick the original post if not done, but good luck with your mesh


  spuds 11:40 13 Feb 2006

Pez87--Best to stick with the original posting, then everyone will know what you are talking about.You could provide a link to that posting, on this occasion!.

  Pez87 12:33 13 Feb 2006

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