My new Evesham PC is puzzling me

  Southernboy 13:11 22 Mar 2005

There are a number of niggles.

1. The fan/power supply (whatever it is that makes the noise in use) is much noisier than the one I checked in the Evesham shop. Added to this, every few minutes there is a distinct "flutter". Is this normal?

2. I also find that, if I hold the desk as I get up, the inside of the PC "ticks". If I gently touch the Tower the "ticking" stops, but when I let go it starts again for a few moments. This happens mainly in use and after the PC is shut down, but not too often before switching on. Is this normal?

3. I paid extra for a Floppy Disc drive. I find that, after backing up to a FD, removing the disc and closing the program, about 5/10 minutes later I get a warning message telling me there is no disc in Drive A. I have never had this on any other PC - an ideas what is causing it?

4. Does anyone know what programs Evesham install and which ones the buyer has to install? My PC appears to have MS Works 8 pre-installed and when I checked out the database and word processor, it seemed to ready to go. However, upon clicked "Getting Started" for some information on a program (that I have never used before) it told me to insert the CD to install the program. I find this confusing.

Any help will be much appreciated.

  Yoda Knight 13:22 22 Mar 2005

Sounds like sumthing is loose in the case - take it back

Most PC's come with most programs pre-installed so I would return the PC to the vendor and get them to replace it because it does seem right all the problems you are having.

  anchor 13:49 22 Mar 2005

Can anyone recall the dedicated Evesham PCA forum contact address?. Southerboy could use this to send his remarks to Evesham; probably better & quicker than using the normal support address.

  [email protected] 14:04 22 Mar 2005

I have a year old Evesham- I get the A Drive niggle, but use it so rarely I don't worry- the holding the desk bit suggests that possibly the computer isn't level?
Evesham have always been pretty good about sorting out niggles, try e-mailing them first. The last time I dealt with them they did try to give me the run around but I persisted & in the end contacted their top fix it man using an e-mail address I got on this site (will look for it later for you). He replied the same day and the problems were fixed within a week!(I wouldn't recommend contacting him unless you have first followed the correct channels of reporting the problems etc & not got anywhere!)I also wouldn't be so "Hesitant" in reporting to Evesham- don't say "Is it a problem?" or "Is this normal?" TELL THEM IT'S A PROBLEM!
As for software, what does your sales spec say?The chances are you need the CD to install the "Help" part of works & works itself is already on there (check it out in add/remove software)just follow the onscreen instructions

  Southernboy 14:27 22 Mar 2005

Evesham gives a support Email address so I have sent a note to them. The auto reponse states they try to reply within 2 days, so we shall see.

Not easy to return the PC to their shop - I travelled over 50 miles by public transport to get there. I couldn't make the same journey with a massive box!

To be continued.

  Southernboy 14:29 22 Mar 2005

The desk is quite level. I used a Mesh PC for 6 years (until last month) on the same desk without any problem of any kind.

  TomJerry 14:29 22 Mar 2005

a shop is much noiser than home

  Lettervanman 14:50 22 Mar 2005

You don't say which "box" you have,my latest Evesham is much noisier than the previous Evesham which ran 98se. This one is the Axis XCIT Pro as per Advisor review,it has 5 fans and so must be expected to make more noise. I have found some vibration on the case,e.g. the door covering front usb ports.
I don't get floppy warning,but after removal of the disc the drive does make a noise as it looks for the disc on shutdown.
You will have to install the Works 8 from disc because you have to click "agree" and enter key code.
Did you not get a repair on site guarantee?
I did, and have just had Motherboard replaced!
Nothing is perfect. Give them a ring,they are very helpful and have a good reputation.This is my third computer from them.

  Southernboy 19:54 22 Mar 2005

I have the Axis Expression - the PCA third choice in the Budget chart, but with some configuration, namely 200Gb HD and 1GB DDR RAM.

It is less than one month old and I have a 3-year On Site Warranty.

  bjh 20:21 22 Mar 2005

Many of the current Evesham machines use the MSI Neo4 (7125) nForce board. Like most of these nForce boards, the Northbridge fan is pretty loud, and there are no software cures for this. You can find out which is creating the noise by stopping each fan in turn with a finger placed gently on the centre... Northbridge is the small fan bottom front of the motherboard on most Eveshams at the mo.
Evesham also put a pretty powerful case fan at the front... if this is the noisy one, they can replace it easily.... or you can do so yourself.

Ticking might be a loose cable on the case side, or other loose component, but without "hands on" and "ears on", I wouldn't like to say. Try running the box without the side panel, and see what makes noise when...

FDD problem sounds like a software not hardware problem, and is mor likely related to the backup program (or virus scanner?) expecting the disk to be in there. I've been playing with Macs today, and for the life of me can't remember where the Windows "search for floppy" business is in XP.. someone here will have their head in place for that!

Evesham probably have installed all your software - Works suite and Office both do "Install on Demand", a brilliant Microsoft invention to save you about 40KB of space on your 200GB disk... it just means that bits that Bill G thought you might not want (English spelling, £ signs, maps of countries other than USA) don't get installed until you want them (and have left the disk at home/under a coffee mug...). There are also some sw apps that builders are NOT meant to install, as the legal bumf that you have to agree to happens at install time.

Evesham are, in my experience, pretty good to deal with, and helpful at sorting things out. It might help them to help you if you know where the noises are coming from, but you might want to tell them there's a prob asap, and that you'll follow it up in a few days when you knwo what's noisy!

Nuff ramblings!

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