My new - build PC won't start up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  bigal1808 08:23 25 May 2008

I've just built a new pc.
Gigabyte EP35C motherboard, Intel core 2 processor, and Gigabyte graphics card, plus a 500gig sata drive, and a sata optical drive.
Now, I think that I've put it all together properly, but when I power up, the cpu fan spins, the board lights come on, then afew sweconds later, it powers off - then it starts up again - then off, and so on.
I'm getting nothing on the screen.
I obviously want the POST screen, or the bios.
Has anyone come across this problem, please.
Have I got a faulty board, or processor, or have I done something wrong?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.

  skidzy 09:04 25 May 2008

Was this a mobo bundle consisting of ram/cpu/mbo.

Check all headers again (consult the manual)

To be honest it sounds like a short or possible faulty psu.

  skidzy 09:19 25 May 2008

Check your ram against the recommended ones click here
direct link to PDF.

Just a quick thought;

From your psu,do you have a 20 pin atx connector,this mobo may need the 20+4 atx connector.Also check the 4pin 12v is connected.

Give us as much info as possible please.

  bigal1808 09:43 25 May 2008

thanks skidzy
I bought it all off the same dealer - board,cpu and ram.
I've checked the headers - they seem ok, and I'm sure they're in the right place.
It's got the 20 pin + 4 atx connected ok.
the 4 pin 12 volt is connected.
I've tried running it with the sata drive, and the optical drive disconnected - same problem.
there is 1 thing - the psu fan isn't running!!!!!!!

  skidzy 09:46 25 May 2008

"the psu fan isn't running"

Then i would say its the psu as above.Replace with a known working one.
Check the size first !

  bigal1808 09:57 25 May 2008

Thanks Skidzy - I only bought it last Tuesday, including the case with the psu built in, so I think I'll take it back to the show again this Tuesday.

  skidzy 10:01 25 May 2008

Just curious bigal,what was the wattage ?

You really need to look for something branded and in the region of 500w upwards.
Though i reguarly fit Casecom and Antec atx psu's but not in a core2 machines.

A good psu is worth every penny,dont skimp on this if possible.

  bigal1808 08:30 26 May 2008

Actually, I made a mistake - the psu fan IS working, its just so quiet, I couldn't hear it, and it looked stationary.
Anyway, the problem was a duff memory module.
I bought 2 x 1gig 1088 corsair baracudas, and one of them was not working.
All fixed now.
The psu is EZ cool 500 watts.
thanks for your help and interest.
I'll close this thread.

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