My Networks Dissappeard!

  Dearersteak 11:29 14 Sep 2003

Morning all!

ok, well, Onces again, its a long story, but i'll try and cut it down.
In a Nut shell, My sister asked me to network her and her 5 frinds PC's up in derby. So we order a 8 port linksys router for the Job. ( click here ) Now, i've had problems with NTL and routers before (a Belkin 4 port which i have long given up on) So when the parts were delived, i desided to test the router on my nextwork for the remaining week befor i had to take the train up there to do the job. Now for that week, I did'nt have a single problem. It was Perfect, and i was hignly impressed. So onces i had finished the job, and got home, i was back to using my other PC as a gateway, so i desided to get the 4 port version for myself ( click here ). (being as i'm only running 2 machines, plus a laptop onces every so offen.) Now, i was connected to the internet, alone with ethe other machine, BUT... and he's the problem.
I relised i could'nt see the other machines on my network. I can'nt share files. I can ping both router and second PC, but as for sharing files... Nothing!

Am i over looking something,? Any idea's would be great!


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