My music problem XP to 7

  les972 17:03 04 Dec 2013

In XP under the year column I had all my music tagged with the number they reached in the charts followed by the year as in 4/1968. I have now upgraded to windows 7 and all I can see is the first number as in 4. Apparently it does not recognize the forward slash. As I have spent ages entering this information I should like to keep it, there was no problem with it in XP. Can anyone help please and explain how to make windows 7 see past the forward slash.

  Batch 17:28 04 Dec 2013

Where (in XP) did you do this? In Windows Explorer; In Windows Media Player (if so what version); In something else....?

  les972 18:19 04 Dec 2013

Hi Batch and thank you for your interest. My old disc was split into 2 sections C and D and all my music was saved onto the D section I used Windows Media Player for playing and I used to update it whenever possible, so there was never any problems with editing the music. As soon as I move to Windows 7 the trouble has started and I think I have found the problem but not the solution. If I right click on any of my songs then I can edit with name - artist - genre and so on but if I try to put the position the song reached and the year as 4/1968 I get a message telling me that / is an unacceptable character. I can't see how to change that and Microsoft don't want to know.

  hastelloy 19:10 04 Dec 2013

You can't use / in a file name. Why not try a dash or comma instead?

  les972 23:23 04 Dec 2013

Hi Marvin42, unfortunately they all give the message "unacceptable character" why oh why can't Microsoft leave something alone when they have a winner and stick a dummy in it's place

  les972 23:45 04 Dec 2013

One of the worst things for me is the microsoft treatment. I only upgraded to windows 7 last week, but because I had it loaded by the shop where I bought my new hard drive, microsoft say that it has no warranty and if I want them to help I will have to pay them £90.00, even though I have the code. What sort of a rip off is Microsoft. I think it is the worst kind that doesn't give two monkeys about the customer all they want is your money. As the old saying goes "buyer beware"

  hastelloy 08:03 05 Dec 2013

There have always been characters that can't be used in file names (/ being one of them) because they have another meaning to the processor. This has not changed with W7. So you won't be able to change that.

You can use full stops.

  les972 11:13 05 Dec 2013

Sorry marvin42 but it will not allow full stops, commas, slashes the only thing it will allow is the year as in 1968.

  les972 11:47 05 Dec 2013

If anyone has a large data base of music or anything else that needs more than just the year they should forget about Windows 7.

  Woolwell 12:41 05 Dec 2013

A year field in most databases is either 2 or 4 numbers and nothing else. MS have followed standard protocol and the year field is numbers only. You could argue that they should limit it to 4 numbers as you can insert more than 4. I am surprised that you could do it in XP. IMO you are barking up the wrong tree in trying to blame MS.

Why don't you try using a different field eg tag?

  lotvic 13:09 05 Dec 2013

I found that in Windows Media player 11: in the Release Year column it will not accept 4/1968.

However if I add a column 'Custom 1' that column will accept 4/1968 (presumably because it treats the input as text)

I did not find a way to rename the column heading 'Custom 1'

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