My mum wants a PC

  derbytrader 11:18 21 Jul 2003

Hi any best advice on getting my mum a PC. She falls into the silver surfer bracket, never had a PC but is keen to get one. She doesn't need anything fancy as she only really wants it for word processing and a bit of surfing.
She would need a basic printer but not the bees knees.

The budget isn't massive so my question is, would she be best to go to a high street store and get their most basic model or go to an independent manufacturer who could set her up with just a basic machine as described. Bearing in mind she would also need to get a printer and word processing and internet explorer software.

  pj123 11:32 21 Jul 2003

Check out here. click here

  vinnyT 12:08 21 Jul 2003

Another thing to consider is support, are you close by and able to help if something goes wrong (normally some piddling little software problem, needing the configuration changing), if not, then a better bet maybe to source the pc from a local supplier.

  Big Elf 12:20 21 Jul 2003

How about second hand click here

  crimbo 13:29 21 Jul 2003

Her best bet is to go to a local independant PC shop, and state her requirements and budget, that way if she requires a bit of help to get going, it probably won't be on the sort of pound per minute hepline that the high street guys charge.

  barrie_g 15:39 21 Jul 2003

I would tend to agree with vinnyT and crimbo and go to your local independent as she is more likely to get the pc she needs and it will be more convenient if she needs help with the little things.

  Pesala 15:55 21 Jul 2003

click here or any of half a dozen other top mail order suppliers.

I would install some good freeware: Open Office, Opera, Irfan View, Serif Page Plus, Draw Plus, and Photo Plus.

Unless she wants colour, I would add a compact laser printer and a scanner. If she wants colour, maybe go for a multifunction printer/scanner/copier/fax.

  -pops- 18:58 21 Jul 2003

Don't underestimate what your mother might require. Just because she may seem ancient to you, she may well become a computer whizz or genious in a very short time. If you get her something underpowered, she will be, shall we say, less than happy.

So, go with the best most up to date machine you can afford. It's amazing how quickly the oldies get on with computer, especially the internet.

I consider myself fairly au fait with computers and, although fairly ancient myself, I do know some people in their 70's and one in her 80's who, through usage and knowledge they've picked up, know an awful lot more than I do.

I do agree with the posts above about going to a small, independent seller. I wouldn't fancy the chances of these mail order bods if the people I described above got hold of them when something went wrong!


  ray27 19:07 21 Jul 2003

I would aggree with the above .
I am what you would discribe as a silver surfer
and if I had the benifit of hind sight I would have chosen a reliable local supplier.

  canard 19:57 21 Jul 2003

click here You can get a pc for under £400 here. We've been very satisfied with theirPCs and service and they are accessible by email and phone if you get in a muddle.
They will advise youif you tell them your needs and supply a PC built to any personal requirement.5 year warranty too.

  palinka 21:29 21 Jul 2003

I agree about the local computer source - can be just as cheap as one of the high street names or on-line suppliers, and would fit upgrades if needed later.
My first computer was bought mail order, had a minor fault from new but it was too much hassle to send it back, whereas if it had been local I'd have put it in the car and taken it down to the shop. I've bought all others locally.
My sister has a local man who builds to one's spec and is as cheap as anything I've seen advertised. And i've just bought a laptop with DVD/CD R-W, W XP, etc. for under £700 from my local shop.

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