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My MS Vista Laptop takes forever to open Word documents.

  K*B 13:20 18 Jan 2015

Hello friends, My Vista laptop now takes forever to open Word documents. It has been ok until 2 weeks ago. When I double-click a word document to open, the usual yellow little window appears which reads as "Microsoft Office Word 2007". Instead of the document opening, a blue window appears in the middle of which reads "Please wait while setup prepares the necessary files". The writing "Micosoft Office Professional Plus 2007" a little later appears right on top of the blue window; after this appears "Configuration Process" in a larger font, then appears a progress bar for the configuration process under which appears "Configuring Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007". It is only when the progress bar gets full that the word document opens. This is a complete waste of time for me. Surely MS Office does not need setup and configuration each time I open a word document! They used to open almost instantly. What could be happening? Someone please help me fix this problem. Thanks in advance.

  mole1944 05:26 27 Jan 2015

If all that fails there are free alternatives to office,google docs is one.As an aside and i keep saying what a lovely friendly family we are on this site helping people out.

  K*B 07:58 27 Jan 2015

BillSers! Thanks for response. Yes, I went to Control Panel, Programs and Features, but there were 2 options only: Uninstall and Change. The Repair option was not available. What do I do? My OS is Vista Home Basic. Thanks.

  lotvic 11:12 27 Jan 2015

In case you need for future re-install or repair:

download the official MS Office 2007 (scroll down to the link for English (USA) version) click here

Use ProduKey to get and make a note of your present Key click here

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