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My MS Vista Laptop takes forever to open Word documents.

  K*B 13:20 18 Jan 2015

Hello friends, My Vista laptop now takes forever to open Word documents. It has been ok until 2 weeks ago. When I double-click a word document to open, the usual yellow little window appears which reads as "Microsoft Office Word 2007". Instead of the document opening, a blue window appears in the middle of which reads "Please wait while setup prepares the necessary files". The writing "Micosoft Office Professional Plus 2007" a little later appears right on top of the blue window; after this appears "Configuration Process" in a larger font, then appears a progress bar for the configuration process under which appears "Configuring Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007". It is only when the progress bar gets full that the word document opens. This is a complete waste of time for me. Surely MS Office does not need setup and configuration each time I open a word document! They used to open almost instantly. What could be happening? Someone please help me fix this problem. Thanks in advance.

  Ian in Northampton 15:46 18 Jan 2015

I'd suggest a reinstall of Office.

  K*B 13:19 19 Jan 2015

Thanks a bunch. What about a repair of office?

  Ian in Northampton 13:42 19 Jan 2015

That might work. It's a personal thing: I've struggled with repairs in the past, but a complete, fresh install has invariably worked.

  K*B 12:23 20 Jan 2015

Thanks very much Ian. You are a STAR!

  Ian in Northampton 13:31 20 Jan 2015

[Blushes]. Thanks K*B. Do I take it you did a reinstall, and that's cured your problem?

  K*B 19:43 20 Jan 2015

Just the confidence in your response, mate. I'll do the reinstall and let you know, but your confidence makes me feel it will work just great.

  K*B 13:01 26 Jan 2015

Hello Ian, I still have not done the MS Office reinstall! I've been thinking: all the components in MS Office 2007 are working fine in my laptop except Word. What about reinstalling Word 2007 only? If that's fine which free package of Word 2007 is safe to download from the net and install? There are many w/sites offering Word 2007 for free. I can't tell which is genuine and vitus-free. Thanks in advance.

  Ian in Northampton 13:41 26 Jan 2015

Others will know better, but I'm not sure you can just reinstall Word on its own, such is the integration of the Office package. I've never tried it. In any event: I'm not sure reinstalling the whole suite will take much more time/effort than reinstalling just Word. Do I take it you don't have the original disk, then?

  K*B 19:41 26 Jan 2015

No Ian, I don't have the original MS Office 2007 disk. What to do? thanks.

  BillSers 04:59 27 Jan 2015

You won't do any harm trying the repair route. Go to control panel, programs and features, select Word and choose repair. It's been a while so I'm not sure if you need a disc for this also.

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