[email protected] 16:52 17 May 2005

I am having a nightmare with my Mouse and keyboard today, they are both wireless- the keyboard has to be right next to the receiver in order to work and the mouse wont double click. I went into control panel and did the fast click slow click setting thingy and it wouldn't open the folder apart from at the slowest setting, which then doesn't work when used outside of the test. At the moment I am having to right click and chose "open". I don't think it is the battery as everything else functions ok.I could reassign the left button as a double click but then I still need a left click and a right click button, anyway. the only thing I can think that I've done is to run live update on Norton! I tried a system restore but this doesn't change anything. This is driving me nuts! Can anybody help?

  [email protected] 17:01 17 May 2005

TX will do so !

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