my mouse pointer isnt accurate most of the time

  athenrye 14:27 02 Dec 2008

i have had a new dell xps 420 vista for a motnh or so now, all is weel but the mouse pointer isnt always accurate when you hover over things

if i want to close a window the muse seems to hover over the minimize button but its the close button thats highlighted

if i scroll down a list its over the one above thats highlighted to be chosen

its not always liek this bit most of the time it can be a pain

any ideas


  Rahere 14:32 02 Dec 2008

Can you test with another mouse?

You can change the sensitivity of the mouse too

Have you tried changing the pointer in case the shape is making if difficult to align perfectly.

Do you use a mouse mat, does it have any images or texture?

  athenrye 14:43 02 Dec 2008

hi rahere
ive got a laser logitech mouse
its on a patterned black grey mouse pad

ive been into settings and chosen enhance precision and have kept the normal mouse icon

its perfect on the ie7 page the now, buit ive just been on the settings page for the mouse and its out about 5mm


  Rahere 14:52 02 Dec 2008

try using the mouse on a plain sheet of paper - I find most surfaces mess about with mouse movements

  athenrye 15:38 02 Dec 2008

no still the same, dosnt seem to have effected it in any way


  Rahere 15:49 02 Dec 2008

update the drivers for the mouse - Possibly there are new ones on the logitech 'site?

Another test would be to remove the drivers and see if window's own drivers are any better?

starting to run out of quick fixes now!!

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