My mouse is going crazy

  rasalom 23:33 22 Jul 2004

Hi. A couple of days ago my mouse started going crazy. It will work fine for a while and then it will go mad, jumping around the screen, closing programs, trying to open new programs, on several occassions it has actually managed to shut the computer down.

I have scanned my computer with the latest version of my virus software and it found nothing. Tried scanning it with symantec's online scanner and it found nothing!

Can anybody out there help my please?

  spuds 00:00 23 Jul 2004

What type of mouse are you using, and what is your o/s. Do you have any spyware/adware programmes installed, if so, what are you using.

Giving this information, may lead to an easy answer.

  kspatto 00:07 23 Jul 2004

download spybot seach and destroy or another trojan/adware program (preferably more than one as they work in different ways)you may have a back door to your system being utilised by someone(these are not always picked up by your virus scanner)

if your mouse seems to be following a logical course then it stands to reason that someone is directing it

if not following any set pattern it may just be faulty drivers (particularly if you have a wireless mouse or a optic mouse)for your mouse try plugging in a bog standard old mouse and see if the problem goes away


  madPentium 00:18 23 Jul 2004

do you have a firewall installed? if not i strongly suggest you get one. Ive found the free
sygate one to be very good.

  kspatto 00:20 23 Jul 2004

this post should have all the downloads you need

click here

regards patto

  rasalom 00:33 23 Jul 2004

Am using ME. the mouse is a bog standard 2 button wired mouse, which is clean. The wiring on the mouse is fine.

Am using the latest version of zone alarm and spybot search and destroy.

The problem exists even when I'm not connected to the internet, so it couldn't be anybody else mucking about with it.

Thanks kspatto for the download suggestions will try the ones I haven't already got installed and let you know what's happened.

  end 01:19 23 Jul 2004

when did you last actually take the ball out of it and clean inside it?? as even a humble mouse needs cleaning ..( yes..serious!!)( the mouse trap gets set later when it refuses to stop jumping aound!)

try cleaning it and see what effect that has..

  €dstowe 06:24 23 Jul 2004

There is a so-called "joke" program called Crazy Mouse. Check you haven't had that surreptitiously installed

click here and scroll about half way down the page.

  rasalom 22:50 23 Jul 2004


clean mouse on a regular basis and as I stated ealier it is clean.

  rasalom 22:58 23 Jul 2004


Thanks for your suggestion. The mouse is acting exactly as this program describes but a search of my hard disk didn't find it.

  €dstowe 07:00 24 Jul 2004

Have you tried the method of disabling it given in the web page?

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