My mouse didn't install correctly

  vegitonip 01:08 11 Aug 2013

Anker Gaming Mouse 8000 DPI Using 7 64 bit When I plugged it in for the first time it said "installing software please wait", and then the mouse worked fine. However, on the manual it says that an installation wizard comes up and that you should follow the steps and then configure the mouse using the programme it installs. Why did my ignore this, because of it it is being recognised only as a standard mouse with no extra buttons (so anything that a normal mouse can't do this mouse can't)

I went on the website and installed the that it should have installed anyway, but when I try and configure the mouse it says "please insert the mouse before applying" when I'M USING THE DAMN MOUSE TO PRESS THE CONFIGURE BUTTON.

I will have to send the mouse back or something at this rate.

  vegitonip 01:09 11 Aug 2013

Edit: *why did my pc ignore this

  Chronos the 2nd 09:42 11 Aug 2013

Your mouse? Anker?

Did it come with an installation disk? If so you should be able to install the configuration software from it.

  vegitonip 19:07 11 Aug 2013

Chronos, no it did not

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