my motherboard is making my processor underrun!

  python2k5 10:37 24 May 2003

i have a K7S5A mainboard motherboard and it is causing my processor to run at 1.ghz when it is a 2.2ghz processsor... 2 of my friends with the same motherboard are having exactly the same problem... it has changed my bios to say that my processor is only a 1.5 but it isnt!! does anyone have any ideas on what i should do.....
plz help if you can

  MartinT-B 10:44 24 May 2003

Is this your Board?

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In which case you have an Athlon chip - which one? because the T'bred 2400+ is 2Ghz, and the 2500 Barton is 1.83Ghz.

Please post exact CPU.

  The Transporter 10:53 24 May 2003

and make sure your fsb and multiplier is set correctly. An XP2200 will actually run at 1730 mhz, which is 133 mhz fsb multiplied by 13x
It is called an XP2200 because it is the equivalent speed on an Intel processor.

You probably have the fsb set to 100. It will be in the frequency/voltages section in you bios.

Do you have the latest bios for your motherboard?

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  Sion 11:14 24 May 2003

I have the same motherboard, and the same problem happened to me. As The Transporter say, make sure your FSB is set to 133/133. You can find this option in the 'CPU P n P settings' in the bios.

  python2k5 13:21 24 May 2003

its python again... i kno that my 2.2 amdxp will only run a 1730a nd thats wot it used to run at but now my pc seems to think that its only a 1.5 and its running at 1.3.... i've changed it back up to 133/133 in the bios as it did go down to 100 but that didnt help... now av u got n e ideas... and martin that is my motherboard...

  MartinT-B 13:32 24 May 2003

Did you change the multiplier to 13?

If your frequency defaulted to 100, it may be that your PC is still at 10, so even when you change to 133 it runs at 133*10=1330 or 1.3

You should be at 133*13=1729

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