Is my motherboard fried? Not sure

  sazBaby 10:43 25 May 2017

hey so a few weeks ago my psu went pop. Like literally popped now this happend once before but I replaced the psu and jt was good Now this recent one popped and once I had the chance I bought a new one Anyway I set it up and stuff but my computer wouldnt power on.. And I'm 90% sure I plugged everything in correctly. Anyhow I was looking around and noticed that the little lithium battery in my motherboard had a little burn on the bottom middle so I thought my motherboard was fried. But then I noticed that there was a little green light on my motherboard was on meaning it was getting power from the new psu so I'm really confused as to whats happend and how to fix it

  Archonar 11:34 25 May 2017

The green light on the motherboard doesn't necessarily mean that the full motherboard is working, as you say it is an indicator that it is receiving power from the psu. Often these power led's aren't connected to the rest of the board so doesn't really tell you either way.

If the CMOS battery has a burn mark on it I would recommend that you replace that, damaged lithium batteries are a serious fire risk (think Samsung Galaxy note). Once you have replaced it you may find that it solves the issue. There are forum posts around that say it can solve the issue you seem to be experiencing.

  sazBaby 12:02 29 May 2017

Thanks so much for your reply I'm going to go buy another battery tomorrow and take it to the shop coz I don't know how to replace it and I wouldn't wanna damage the any of the pins on the motherboard Will update soon

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:18 29 May 2017

The battery is easy to change it just pops out. click here

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