is my motherboard failing now?

  tonydenv 19:22 17 Dec 2015

hi i have just fitted a ssd to replace a failing hdd, now it seems my pc does not like it, very slow post (then fast into windows) random non boots changing boot orders just feeling perplexed cant put my finger on anything ,i am even considering flashing the bios, has anybody any better ideas? (gigabyte board q6600 chip 4gb ram )

  Bris 20:03 17 Dec 2015

Could be a failing PSU.

Things to try first:

clear the CMOS or load defaults, check the CMOS battery, flash the BIOS.

If problem persists then strip it back to one RAM stick and the CPU then see if it POSTS. If it does then fit the graphics card and try again, if OK then install the SSD and try a boot. If it boots then progressively add back all the other peripherals testing as you go.

If it fails at any point then it could either be what you have just added or the PSU failing due to the increased load.

Alternatively replace the PSU anyway as its always useful to have a spare as its a quick way of eliminating it in the future.

  tonydenv 20:35 17 Dec 2015

i have 2 hdds 1 sshd and 1 new ssd the psu is 700w , the board has 4 tiny leds which light briefly at startup but now tey stay lit for upto 15/20 secs (used to be 3 or 4 secs) but will try a stripback just running the ssd and so on and see what happens this is an old pc now been very reliable till now lol..thanks for help

  Bris 20:42 17 Dec 2015

Let us know how you get on.

  wee eddie 20:45 17 Dec 2015

Replacing a PSU is a relatively cheap and simple job, and I must say that your description sounds as though your present PSU is no longer supplying the voltages required

  tonydenv 18:23 19 Dec 2015

well it went like this tried unplugging devices, no good so to cut a long story short, my eldest son had problems with his pc (more or lees same setup) he is waiting to do a full rebuid and told me to try his mainborad ,lot of hassle i know ,but went thru with it and lo and behold everything is going fine , just got to update everything and upgrade to win 10 again,,thanks for help.. and havve a nice christmas all

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