My mother in law is going on line

  [DELETED] 21:03 23 May 2006

Hi guys,

Here is a question which I am hoping to get loads of answers, to get the best deal.

My mother in law is getting a computer and wants it connected to the internet. She is connected to a BT phone line and at the moment just wants a cheap dial up connection.
Can you guys give me the low down on the best dial up deals out there please. I use Blueyonder broadband and have been on cable for ages now so thought, it would be a good idea to get some feed back here to give her a pointer for what is best.
Any help and advice greatly recieved, thanks.....Fred.

  LinH 21:07 23 May 2006

Persuade her not to bother with dial up, not only is it antiquated, but broadband is so much cheaper nowadays. It's a no brainer really.

Good luck with your ma-in-law, you'll need it!

  Stuartli 21:15 23 May 2006

I'd get a temporary PAYG account with, say, Tiscali and wait for the £12.99 1MB unlimited broadband offer to reappear on its website (or via its Upgrade/Downgrade service from My Account).

Alternatively, delay the move for a little while to see what offers other ISPs come up with following the TalkTalk bombshell.

  johnnyrocker 23:18 23 May 2006

click here for a complete view of options.


  martjc 23:45 23 May 2006

...maybe if you'd not used the words 'Mother in law' you'd have more replies to the post.

But, seriously folks, Dial-up really does SSUUCCKK!!
It's not worth consideration these days! Even if she gets just half meg BB it will be Much, Much, [no, more than that] better than any dial up connection.
Just think, if she was on DU she would be round your house all the time, asking what's gone wrong when the only problem is the connection is FAR too slow...

...think about it!

  ed-0 23:48 23 May 2006


click here

  Forum Editor 23:54 23 May 2006

with some of the other comments - it really would be best to persuade your mother-in-law to use a broadband connection. I know it costs money, but in relation to other everyday costs it isn't any longer auch a major item, and for a beginner it might make the difference between a pleasant internet experience and a 'walking-through-treacle' pain in the neck.

  martjc 23:59 23 May 2006

Well said FE

  Stephen-512219 01:26 24 May 2006

I would agree with everyone here about both the mother-in-law bit and broadband vs dial-up. If you are sure that you want to get her dial-up, I would recommend netbreeze as you pay only for what you you use.

Hope this has helped. (and look no mother-in-law jokes!!!!!)

  Totally-braindead 06:53 24 May 2006

I'm kind of in agreement with the others here. A couple of my friends are still on dial up with Wanadoo and are happy enough with it no outages or anything. They basically use the internet so little that financially they feel its not worth it. However if they had seen BB working, and they haven't, I feel certain they would change.
And of course the biggest advantage as far as I'm concerned is it doesn't tie your phone up.
If you do consider BB then there are a few providers that do not tie you into a one year contract and you can get them to provide the service for as little as a month. So she could perhaps try it for a couple of months and see how she liked it.
Regarding whos best/cheapest for dialup I really don't know. I have been with various companies and had no real problems with any of them, the last dial up provider I was with personally was Tesco but when they started doing BB I noticed the speed of my dialup connection dropping quite considerably. Because of that I hesitate to recommend them. If you want a pay as you go dial up then theres nothing lost in just trying one and if its not very good trying another as there would be no monthly fee and you'd only be paying for the time online anyway.

  Stuartli 10:16 24 May 2006

Not a MIL in this case, but a then 82-year-old friend whose Mesh system I acquired and set up for her in late 2003.

She had a Tiscali dialup account (DayTime Plus) and used the net to keep in touch with friends, her charity work and various other matters of interest.

Eventually she tired of people being unable to get her on the phone so, on her own initiative, she swapped over to (the then) 512kbps BB service from Tiscali about 18 months ago.

Currently she's on 2MB and is as happy as a sandboy as all her uploads and downloads (pix files etc) whistle through...:-)

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