My monitor settings

  Ruth29 16:00 30 Sep 2003

My Belina monita settings are not as they was and i have maid a mess of it all.can any one help me please,I need to get in touch with belina Monitor,the phone number in the user manual just not getting a reply from would be appreciated thank you

  alan 2273 16:20 30 Sep 2003

what size is your monitor, is it a crt or tft and what settings have you messed up.

  Djohn 16:23 30 Sep 2003

Can you let us know the model of your Belina Monitor? Size of screen area, 15" 17" or other. Also the Operating system [O/S] you are using. 98, or XP.

There are two separate type controls to adjust your monitor. One from the software and one from actual controls on the monitor itself. If you can provide details above, then someone will talk you through the correct settings and have you up and running with a super display in no time at all. j.

  Ruth29 17:54 30 Sep 2003

Hi i am useing windows 98/se and my monita is 17" and the settings i have messed is the OSD Menu Functions .. the Belinea modal is 10 30 10 .. my web page went out of line .. so i thought i needed to ajust it with the controls under the screen . hope you can under stand me as i am not good thank you Ruth

  Ruth29 18:29 30 Sep 2003

forgot to say my Belina Monitor is crt. and I don't don't have any software with the monitor. thank you Ruth

  alan 2273 18:46 30 Sep 2003

If you roll over the symbols on the OSD is their a default or a recall symbol

  Ruth29 18:54 30 Sep 2003

yes there is a recall symbol .. and i have click on it but it as not brought .. to factory preset ..

  Ruth29 19:22 30 Sep 2003

when I go to recall restore factory preset .. then the icons go out of line .. can only see half of (my computer icon) and others icons down the side,when I open a web page I can only just see the X to close the web page,and the scroll bar is only very thin.

  Djohn 19:41 30 Sep 2003

Not sure of just how many options you have on your monitor. First bring up a display of your desktop, then using the controls reduce it to a size that leaves a black border all round the display of equal size, Approximately 1" wide and your display is in the centre of your screen.

If you now cycle through all the options, highlighting one at a time, you will see what each one does. The important thing is to now get the top/bottom and sides straight. You do this by adjusting the Pincushion and barrel distortion controls.

Now you need to set the display square to the screen, do this with the Keystone and Keystone balance controls, then use the tilt control to square-up the display to your screen.

By now you should have a good display that is in the centre of your screen but needs to be expanded to fill the screen fully. Use the Vertical and horizontal controls to do this.

These last two controls have two functions each, One is to expand the display, the other is to position the display on the screen. Use the expansion of each of these to expand your display to the edge of the screen.

Aim to have a small black border all round the screen, approximately 1/16 of an inch or 2mm. If one or more of the borders are slightly larger, use the Vertical or Horizontal control to re-position the display slightly in the direction required.

Hope I've not confused you too much, but it's difficult to explain without knowing the exact controls you have. Please post back if you need more help and I, or one of the many other forum members will try to help further. Regards. j.

  Ruth29 19:58 30 Sep 2003

Djohn and Alan Big thank you for all your help .. i will go and follower your info .. and hope my Monitor comes right. much appreciated Ruth ..

  Ruth29 20:02 30 Sep 2003

Will let you know when i have my Monitor back as new .. thank you to all ..Ruth

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