Henmin 17:44 19 May 2004

Hi Folks,

I've just noticed a scratch on my monitor screen. I immediately sucked my finger and gently rubbed it with my damp finger. I rubbed it dry with a piece of soft cloth. The scratche had widened to about 3/4mm.When I put my curser under this it looks as if the glass had ballooned out. It looks as if there is a space between the curser/typing and the glass. This seems to be only where the wide scratch is, the rest of the screen is normal.

Please, please what has happened and can I still use my monitor saftly.


  Djohn 17:58 19 May 2004

Is this a TFT screen? Are you sure it's a scratch as a moist finger will be unlikely to make it worse unless the coating is coming off the screen but this also is doubtful.

  Henmin 18:09 19 May 2004


It's a normal 17" screen, not those new picture frame screens. I thought it was a scratch that's why I wet it a bit to check. Its a SAMSUNG SyncMaster 755DF, came with my Evesham computer, now about 3 years old. May be you're right that wide scratch looks white.

How safe is it now?


  Djohn 18:19 19 May 2004

I don't think there is any need to worry about safety with this. Turn off the monitor and turn off the power at the socket on the wall as well.

Use a soft cloth dipped into a mild soapy solution of tepid water and wring out well until slightly damp. Clean the whole of the the glass screen with this and use a soft dry cloth to buff up. I think this is just a dirty smudge on the screen that your moist finger has made worse.

Give this a try and let us know how you get on. Good luck and don't worry too much, I feel sure everything will be OK. j.

  Henmin 18:44 19 May 2004

Hi Djohn,

Did the cleaning. Still there. In fact I regularly whipe my screen with a damp soft cloth.

Is there anything that can get rid of this? It looks strange looking at a screen with this blob there.


  Djohn 19:00 19 May 2004

I'm not sure what this may be Henmin. The monitor is now 3 years old and it just might be the "Anti-glare" coating that is starting to lift off the glass, it may have had this slight fault from new or as you say, a slight scratch caused recently has triggered this off.

Do a check on your paperwork though and if your lucky you may still just be in the warranty period. [3 years]. If you are you can phone to see if a swap-out can be arranged.

Good luck. j.

  Henmin 22:46 19 May 2004

Hi Djohn,

Thanks for all your help and advise. Just checked my paperwork from QVC, my three year warranty ran out a year ago. Bought the Evesham PC 25/4/2000. In 1993/4 I bought my first PC, Dan. Got peanuts inside for near £1200 - 420MB hard drive, 8MB RAM, 512 Secondary Cache, Floppy disc drive Never had a days trouble with it. I upgraded it twice. first - Sound Card, Modem, CD Drive 8X and Tape Drive for backup. Second - upted Menmory to 32MB, hard Drive to 2GB. I still use it in emergencies when I have problems with Evesham.

Take care.


  spuds 23:19 19 May 2004

No mention in the instruction manual click here

  Djohn 00:07 20 May 2004

Sorry to hear that Henmin. It would have been good news if you had been inside the warranty period. One of the good points of many users now changing over to the TFT screens will be in your favour though.

A good quality 17" CRT, [The type you have now] can be bought for a very reasonable price. Not an expense you planned but if you find your present monitor impossible to live with, it at least eases the pocket a little. Sorry I couldn't have worked a cure for you. j.

  Djohn 00:17 20 May 2004

I found this information in the manual from the link provided by spuds.

Screen details.

Silica coated anti-electrostatic properties.

(TCO) Multi-layer coating.

Medium short persistence phosphor.

I would think that it's this coating that is starting to come off the screen and produce the affect you see. I don't think that such a small area will be of concern health wise but others who understand these terms will advise your best course of action. j.

  Henmin 16:05 20 May 2004

spuds,- thanks for the LINK.
Djohn, thanks for all your help and advise once again. Yes, I think I'll try and get a TFT monitor. It's worth it in the long run. I'll look up PC Advisor Magazine Adverts. I'm sure there are outlets that sell monitors a bit cheaper than others.

I'll keep in touch and let you know what I've decided.

Take care


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