my monitor has no signal but my pc is working

  akib 11:33 27 Apr 2017

I am having a problem my pc is working but when I power on my monitor there is no signal even there is no lights on my keyboard(backlit lighting), I haven't connect any gpu(I'll buy it later), so there is nothing about gpu. I tried ram slot change, lithum battery. after that I tried to turn on my pc but not worked. what to do? everything is well connected btw my motherboard is asus b150 pro gaming aura, one slot ram, this happened to me after I cleaned my pc, my pc is not very old, it's just 4month

  wee eddie 13:00 27 Apr 2017

Does the monitor display a "No Signal" Logo or Message.

If not, check that it is actually getting power and is turned on

  akib 14:19 27 Apr 2017

actually I am using a bazzleless dell monitor. when I turn on my pc my monitor appear with dell logo and after it's going like sleep moode screen off but power is on

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:08 27 Apr 2017
  1. untick the above answer because you prolem isn't solved.

  2. check the monitor cable connection at PC and monitor - if appears OK try removing and refitting the graphics card and retry to get a signal on boot.

  akib 17:20 27 Apr 2017

I don't have any graphics card sir. and connection is ok

  wee eddie 19:47 27 Apr 2017

When you cleaned your PC, what did youactually do. It sosounds very much as though you disturbed a connection somewhere

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