Is my 'legacy' external hard drive able work with Vista?

  polymath 16:46 19 Nov 2012

I'm not looking for help at this point, just wondered if anyone happens to know if it's possible. If not, it's for my upcoming recycling trip (if I can't give it away).

It's a Western Digital Essential External USB hard drive, model no. (WD?)4305A (160GB). The system requirements say 98SE/ME/2000/XP. I bought it 6-7 years ago for my 99SE computer, but soon had to give in and replace the computer (by which time the only choice was Vista). The drive's still in its box (I'm trying to find out the lazy way, before embarking on the usual hours of fiddling about!).

It's in the 'legacy drive' section of Western Digital's website, but no relevant downloads. After lots of searching, I'm still confused about whether to look for a driver written by WD for Vista or the other way round, or if it's just plug-and-play and needs no additional driver, or if it's an expensive paperweight. (I have no experience of adding drives to go on).

  polymath 16:48 19 Nov 2012

I wonder why the site thinks this is spam?

  Batch 17:29 19 Nov 2012

Should be detected automatically and appropriate standard drivers used. As long as the device is in serviceable condition it should work fine.

  wee eddie 18:13 19 Nov 2012

It should work fine.

There is a strong likelihood the it is plain old USB rather than USB 2 though and therefore rather slow.

  polymath 18:51 19 Nov 2012

Thanks Batch and wee eddie! (Not just a £100 paperweight then!). It is a USB2 drive.

  polymath 18:53 19 Nov 2012

Sorry, I don't seem to be able to tick both answers!

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