My latest attempt

  Graham ® 12:57 08 Feb 2005

Using Contribute 3 this time click here
I need to keep it simple because of its purpose, but I would like it to look more 'professional', instead of 'homemade'.

I can't see a way to have the sections have different background colours, for instance.

  Taran 13:44 08 Feb 2005

OK, to start with Contribute is meant for site updates where you set access rights to certain areas of a site pages. The web designer designs the site and locks areas of it out (header, navigation, footer etc) and Contribute users get to edit areas of the template that the designer allows them to. That's what Contribute is for - it isn't really for designing a site from the ground up.

Now, there is a lot of confusing code going on in there. You have <p>'s <div>'s and <span>'s doing all kinds of everything and it is pointless specifying styles for some of your layout and then using style snippets inside the body code, like this:

<div align="right">
<p align="left" style="margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0;">

Basically the <div> tag should contain a class= or id= style link. Currently your <div> is wanting to align=right while the <p> tag inside the <div> is saying go left.

Odd, although not impossible to achieve.

Anyway, you can set alternate row colours by using, you guessed it, a style.

.row1 {
background-color: #6495ED;

.row2 {
background-color: #ED6595;

These two styles give different background colours, as you should be able to see.

If you create a series of page <div> tags to contain each cat's thumbnail image and text, assign the style to each cat's row on an alternating basis.

<div class="row1"><p> tag if you must use one, followed by details of cat 1 and picture...</p></div>

<div class="row2"><p> tag if you must use one, followed by details of cat 2 and picture...</p></div>


Note that I have used some pretty odd colour selections for the two row styles. I just wanted them to be wildly different to demonstrate a purpose.

Try this link for a very simple example, knocked up in a couple of minutes:

click here

Here is the file as a Zip archive for you to download, if you want to:

click here

Note that it is valid HTML and not XHTML, but it should serve as a basis to demonstrate the concept far more than my waffling on about it in here.

Stylesheets are great, if you understand them. If you don't you have two choices - either learn about them or don't use them. I'm being brutally honest here and for good reason.

Take alook at the sample file to see a concept working. You can make the page do whatever you like using styles, or just by using plain vanilla HTML tags to hold your fomatting.

You could even, if you wanted, make a multiple row table and just asign a different background colour to each rows cells, like this:

click here

And the Zip file for you to play with:

click here

I think you are overcomplicating what should be a simple concept. Take a break, have a cup of good coffee and rethink your battle plan.

Hope that helps a bit and gives you some ideas.


  Graham ® 14:50 08 Feb 2005

Thanks for taking the time. I was recommended to Contribute because it was easy to get something up quickly. Got to get some cats out of the door!

All the code was put there by the program. I haven't even tried to modify it because a) I don't know anything about code, and b) if I did know, or followed your examples, how to actually modify it. Do I select View Source and modify it there? Or do I go to my click here?

So, it's not going to get much better just using Contribute. Perhaps you could point me to a site where I can learn the basics of code?

  Forum Editor 18:37 08 Feb 2005

to get a website online, you simply need some WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) software, like NetObjects Fusion or Microsoft FrontPage.

I believe we carried a copy of NetObjects Fusion on the magazine coverdisk a few months back, so rake out your CD and have a go - you'll find it pretty easy to get to grips with, and there are dozens of templates you can use, so there's no need to design from the ground up.

  Graham ® 19:18 08 Feb 2005

Thanks, what a relief! If you re-call, I started out on this voyage of discovery when I volunteered to take over the updating of the CP's Sheffield site. This turned out to be no more than Emailing details to Head Office.

So I set about designing my own, with the aim of having a link from the official site.

Now I've found they are introducing Content Management to their local branches in May!

Nevertheless, my interest has been aroused, and in light of Taran's comment about Contribute, it is fortunate I did not spend £99 of the charity's money on the full version.

Anyone got a NetObjects Fusion CD they don't need?

  PurplePenny 19:32 08 Feb 2005

NetObjects Fusion MX (free, full program)was on the coverdisc with issue 106 (May 2004)

NetObjects Fusion 8 (trial only) is on the current coverdisc: issue 116 (March 2005)

Or stick with Nvu and we'll teach you how to upload it manually until Nvu get the publishing problem sorted.

  Graham ® 19:49 08 Feb 2005

Hi, thanks for stopping by. I'll dig out Nvu and have a go again.

  PurplePenny 20:50 10 Feb 2005

I've been thinking about you wanting to make the sections alternating colours: you'll be making work for yourself when one of the cats finds a new home.

For instance: say George and Milly have blue backgrounds, George2 and Peaches have yellow backgrounds. If George2 is rehomed you have two blue sections together.

On the other hand if you use the styles as Taran suggested you'd only have to go through the page changing 2s and 1s as appropriate. Hopefully there will not be too many cats on the page so it would only take a few seconds.

OK ... forget I spoke :-)

Has Peaches found a home?

  Graham ® 21:02 10 Feb 2005

Peaches? Happily she has a new home.

As in my post of 19:18 Tues., this is now a short term project. I can't justify using up my remaining grey matter!

  jolorna 21:07 10 Feb 2005

i can let you have a copy of netobjects fusion 7 which i use which came with a digital camera magazine which you can register for yourself

  Graham ® 21:12 10 Feb 2005

Thanks, will it email or shall I email my address?

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