My laptop won't recognise my mouse

  JanGrouwstra 06:20 11 Apr 2014

Samsung 5-series laptop, 15 months old, Windows 8.1. Wired, optical mouse. It stopped responding well to the mouse a few months ago. I bought a new mouse, but that didn't make any difference. Over time it got worse, response has now completely stopped. Touch pad works fine, but a touch pad is hell for me. Both USB ports give the same (non) result. The laser of the mouse immediately comes on if I plug it in, also other devices connected to the USB ports work, but my computer fails to notice a mouse. Mouse driver is up to date, still I twice downloaded new driver software, both times the software gave me the message that I didn't have a mouse connected, even when I had. In settings > hardware devices the mouse doesn't appear. Any troubleshooting program that I start always says that everything is fine. The mouse gets completely overlooked by my laptop or any tool that I run in an attempt to sort the problem. A computer restore I like to avoid, as that's such a pain.

  JanGrouwstra 09:41 11 Apr 2014

Yes, I've deleted the mouse driver that was present before. New drivers I've had to install manually; I guess because my laptop doesn't notice a mouse it doesn't flag mouse drivers as missing. So also device manager thinks everything is fine. When the trouble started a few months ago I would sometimes get a message that a USB device was missing or perhaps faulty. That has now changed to my system not noticing anything anymore - there should be a sound when I connect a device, also that sound is not there when I connect a mouse. My system appears completely oblivious to mice (I've tried a couple).

  rickf 10:22 11 Apr 2014

Try a wireless mouse. Why use a wired one anyway? Worth a try.

  Chazzyb17 14:07 11 Apr 2014

Unplug from power adapter, turn off, remove battery, hold down power on button for 5 seconds to reset, restart laptop after re installing battery.

tap f8 on start up and select repair your computer.

long shot but that works for some of my laptops.

  JanGrouwstra 11:55 14 Apr 2014

It looks like I was fooled. Two mice gave the same issue, so I thought it was the laptop, but it wasn't. Saturday I knocked on a neighbour's door, asking if they had a mouse I could try. My laptop was fine with that mouse.

So I went for a new mouse, although I had just gotten a new one. I went to the same shop - SpeedyPC - where I had bought the previous one, told about my trouble with mice and asked if they had a [i]good[/i] one. The guy behind the counter immediately mentioned Staples, a shop further in town, ignoring the selection of mice he had in his own shop - I always love it when an employee of a business sends you straight to the competition! Staples turned out to be an office store, it was right next to a PC World, but Staples had a good collection of computer stuff as well, of well known brands and for low prices, just like the guy at SpeedyPC had told me. I didn't know there were wired mice for £2 and wireless ones for £8! In hindsight my previous mouse had simply been a terrible deal; a badly manufactured, no-brand Made in China thingy where I had paid too much for.

The wiring connections is probably where the faults occurred. This is only my first laptop, but I notice I'm carrying it around a bit, which of course wouldn't happen with a desktop. So there's more stress to the wiring - I'm bad with a touchpad, so I bring the mouse along. My new mouse is a wireless one, I should be better off with that, considering the way I use it.

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