my laptop stuck in boot so please help me out

  Leith Koussani 10:42 25 Jun 2018

hello guys im leith im from tunisia i was booting my laptop & it boot normaly then i just retstart it from the task bar & cliking on retstart ( not holding on power botton ) it was runing windows 10 so while booting it just showed up a bluesreen said ( stop code machine check exeption ) so i tried to access to safemode or restor & the same problem it stucked in boot logo & a bluescreen so i download win 10 & i create a bootable usb & i tried to format pc & the same problem it boot from usb & again bluescreen appear i tried that about 10 times at least then i removed the hard disk from the laptop & palce it in another & normaly the second laptop boot up & i find my files so i copy them in to a external harddisk & i format my laptop harddisk from the second laptop after finish i removed it & plug it in my laptop same problem then i download windows 7 & windows 8.1 & i tried the same things so nothing happend same problem just in windows 7 is not showing a bluescreen it stuck in windows logo ....... also it tried changing ram nothing happen so please guys help me out & im sorry for my bad langue

  Forum Editor 17:32 26 Jun 2018

The machine check exception error often indicates a hardware fault of some kind - have you added or changed any components recently?

Drivers can also be the cause - have you updated any drivers?

  TechSpeed 22:30 27 Jun 2018

Hi guys, since I was running Windows 8.1 on my laptop. I decided to sell it, so I went to reset the factory. Unfortunately, 8.1 encountered problems implementing the factory reset and I was stuck with such a laptop. It's time to update to Windows 10, and I think my problem has been solved, but after the update to 10, I tried to perform a factory reset just so the laptop stays in a certain ratio for about a week. I can not remember if the laptop has turned it off or if you've done it, but now it's stuck in an endless start cycle.

I read other threads and tried to boot from USB (BIOS) using 8.1 and 10

From this screen, any option I choose after clicking "Repair your computer" takes you to the start cycle only. If you choose "Install now," this screen will appear:

From here, if you choose the first option (with both, 8.1 and 10), this gives me:

This obviously does not work because when you restart, it returns to the start cycle again.

So I leave the second option for two pictures:

I did not go beyond that screen. I am running a native version of Windows and do not know whether choosing to format requires me to get another Windows key (something should be my last choice as I sell this laptop).

Will selecting formatting to solve this problem without having to use another key? Is there a better way to do this than you know? I appreciate any help, thanks in advance

  lotvic 17:00 30 Jun 2018

TechSpeed, you should start your own thread with your problem and not hijack someone else's thread. Suggest you copy and paste your prob into a new thread of your own, that way you will get email notifications of responses to your problem instead of Leith Koussani being pestered with emails referring to your problem.

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