My laptop speakers no longer work

  Hoddros 17:38 15 Mar 2003

For some reason the internal speakers on my laptop have stopped working, well to be accurate I can hear them faintly but none of the volume controls in the panel have any effect. If I plug in headphones then it is just the same. The manual control on the side of the laptop is fully on.

It is as if something else has started to control the speaker volume, and I would be very grateful if anybody could offer any sort of advise please..

  spikeychris 17:47 15 Mar 2003

Try to uninstall the sound device in device manager and re-boot, Windows will shout at you but it will also re-install the driver. Also
make sure there are no mute on all channels except mike.


  Hoddros 18:13 15 Mar 2003

That's it, great, thanks very much Chris, it worked a treat!!

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