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Is my laptop slowing down the router? I'm lost!

  ITBuffoon 21:19 03 Jul 2014

I have recently started living at with my sister's house and there is a problem with my laptop that is causing problems with the router. (Belkin.5398)

Quite often, internet access slows to unusable speed when I am online with my laptop. I suppose this usually happens after about an hour. This affects my laptop and usually, everybody else's. It can arise from doing any internet activity, even simple browser (no heavy downloading).

I trust my sister when she says there was definitely no problem before I started using the wifi and router! It's usually OK again once I restart the router but this isn't really a solution.

I have changed my browser from Firefox to Chrome. I have disable addons. We still seem to have the same problem.

The support staff from Virgin were very helpful, but were sure there was no problem their end. We looked at the router itself, they suggested trying a different browser and disabling the add-ons.

I often get 'server not found' messages in Firefox, and 'Oops! Google Chrome could not find xxx' in Chrome. I have to refresh to find the page.

Could I have a virus on my laptop? I ran Avast today but it brought back nothing on the scan.

We did have network sharing setup on the router. We removed this with the guy from Virgin.

Can anyone help????

I am not super-techy but I can access the router via the browser to follow any (helpful) instructions.


  wee eddie 21:18 21 Jul 2014

ITB: I think that if someone, in the Household, has recently started using Spotify, on a regular basis, this is the whole problem.

It explains all the problems.

Spotify's use of bandwidth explains all the problems

  woodchip 21:47 21 Jul 2014

I would say that your Laptop Settings need changing, Like delete your old Wireless Connection in Control Panel Networking. Shut Laptop Down nd Restart Go to networking and Create a New Wireless Connection Using you SSID and Pasword for the Router. These may be on the back of the router

  ITBuffoon 06:41 22 Jul 2014

Thanks! I will see how I go by removing spotify and changing the wireless connection settings.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:06 22 Jul 2014

"When it grinds to a halt, the Network I/O values are in single figures........................The figure is in kbps."

That shows that there's nothing running on your laptop using the Internet so much that it's slowing everyone down.

Because you say you can cure the problem temporarily by rebooting the router, my hunch is that it's struggling to cope with an extra device connected to it - namely your laptop.

Your idea about upgrading the Belkin's firmware is a good one. If that doesn't help then do you have, or can you borrow, a different router to see if it behaves better?

  wee eddie 11:52 22 Jul 2014

My guess is that the problem arises when someone, possibly you as you are the latest addition to the household, is streaming music. It's hogging most of the bandwidth.

That might be the sole reason

  Secret-Squirrel 12:40 22 Jul 2014

".......................possibly you as you are the latest addition to the household, is streaming music. It's hogging most of the bandwidth."

ITB's Network Monitor indicates that the bandwidth being used by the laptop is in single Kbps so I no longer believe that's the cause of these problems.

  ITBuffoon 14:28 03 Aug 2014

Hi all! This is now resolved. It was the firmware on the router. WiFi working me and everyone. Many thanks for your replies.

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