My laptop runs really slow when unplugged

  I_Know_Nothing 11:57 07 Dec 2016

About a year ago i baught a new laptop, a Acer Predator G9-591 15". I know that when I am playing demanding games I need to be plugged in, because my CPU ang GPU needs alot of power. Now the problem is that when it is unplugged, i cannot even run microsoft word without lag. I use the laptop for the program Solid Works as well, which also lags. I need a solution. I have tried editing the options for power consumption, and it did nothing.

  Archonar 16:08 07 Dec 2016

Just to make sure - are you running it in 'Balanced' or 'High Performance' power modes when it is unplugged?

  Burn-it 19:34 07 Dec 2016

Most laptops deliberately cut the speed of the CPU and PCI bus to maximise battery life. You will need to override this, but be aware that the battery will be drained very rapidly and may well overheat and destroy both itself and other parts.

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