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my laptop is not connecting to internet but in safe mode yes

  laptopdunce 01:06 05 Mar 2014

My sony vaio has suddenly stopped connecting to the wireless router & thus internet, but it will connect fine in safe mode with networking, what could be wrong here? can I do an anti-malwarebytes scan in safe mode? when I start up the laptop in normal mode it brings up my desktop page but the mouse wont click on anything and just has a round icon swriling round all the time, I suspect a virus or malware, what can I do? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  bumpkin 15:28 09 Mar 2014

Do as I said March 7 10.26AM, you can access it from there. If you have a look now you should be able to see it.

  laptopdunce 16:58 09 Mar 2014

Oh, yes, right, I have done that, yes, it is there with the title I gave it, thanks alot, LAPTOPDUNCE

  bumpkin 17:14 09 Mar 2014

Good, so now you know how to do it I would suggest that you create a new restore point about once a week or fortnight so that if you have any more problems you may not have to go right back to todays one but you will still have that option available.

  laptopdunce 02:14 10 Mar 2014

Yes, I will do that, as I add photos and documents to my folders (i guess all of the subsequent additions of photos and everything else will be saved on the last restore point?) then I will make another restore point and keep it up to date that way, thanks Laptopdunce

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