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My Laptop has stopped syncing with Dropbox

  K*B 21:44 04 Oct 2015

Hello friends, I use Dropbox 3.10.7 for backups. I notice that for the past month or so syncing between my laptop and Dropbox has failed because I don't have the usual green ticks against all my files and folders any more. It is the blue "revolver" indicator that appears against these files and folders, showing upload of files is still in progress. In fact when I hover my mouse over the Dropbox 3.10.7 icon in the systray the message is "Uploading 6 files...". This message has shown for some time now. How do I fix this one? Thanks.

  K*B 11:42 06 Oct 2015

I forgot to add to my thread above that my laptop is fully online and that previously my files and folders have been synchronized with Dropbox. I just wonder what has gone wrong lately. Any help? Thanks in advance.

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