My laptop has a queer battery problem...

  Joson Mathew 12:34 05 Jun 2017

My laptop (Acer Aspire 5755G) has had issues with the battery in the past, so I changed it, but the problem persists.

The battery simply won't charge. In fact, if the battery is drained, the laptop won't turn on even with a power supply. To switch it on, I must remove the battery and then it turns on and runs perfectly. Funny thing is, if while it's running on power supply like this I insert the battery, the battery now charges fine. But if I switch off the power supply and switch it back on in this situation, it doesn't charge anymore.

It can't be a problem with the connection as I tried it all over my house and with two other laptops that worked fine. It can't be a problem with the battery as it's the second one with the exact same problem. Rebooting doesn't work.

Can you solve this?

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