My laptop GPU is overheating

  Andrei Constantin 11:24 10 May 2017

So my laptop was doing this flickering lately (going black for a second or until i give it a gentle shake) for no reason and I decided to take it to a service! They told me over there that my GPU is overheating and that is the problem! The only solution they gave me is changing the GPU, which is kinda expensive for a student like me ! Do you guys think of any other solution for this? A cheap one please? I have a MSI FX700 (MS-1751 Motherboard) Nvidia Geforce GT 425M GPU Intel I5 M460 CPU 4Gb RAM Running on a 256Gb Kingston SSD Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Yes I always check my drivers to be up to date and yes I use a Cooling Pad!

  wee eddie 11:57 10 May 2017

Dust may be your problem. I've never tried cleaning out a laptop.

Others here will help you but, there plenty of videos on YouTube showing how to do it.

There is one other possibility:- You are trying to play Games that are overworking the Processor. For this there is no cure, other than buying a more powerful Laptop

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