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My laptop is connected to the internet but with limited access

  K*B 20:34 15 Feb 2015

I tried connecting my vista home basic laptop to the internet at an office that has internet connectivity through a wireless modem wired to an ISP by first typing into the prompt fields the required security parameters. The modem is a NETGEAR 300 Wireless modem. Unfortunately going online failed. It read at the bottom right hand corner: "XXXXXXX connected with limited access". NB: XXXXXX represents my username. What could I have done wrong? What I expected was "XXXXXX connected" with full internet connectivity. Why do I have limited access to the internet with actually no connectivity at all? Three other laptops running different OSs are using the same connectivity to surf the internet with no problems whatsoever. Pls help. Thanks in advance.

  wee eddie 20:43 15 Feb 2015

More than likely, the Owner of the Network, only allows full facilities to a select few.

  K*B 18:43 20 Feb 2015

Thanks Jock1e for your response, but the snag is that other laptops are connected to the internet through the same office wireless modem. It means to me that there is nothing amiss with the modem settings. I keep wondering why the vista laptop can just not connect! Whenever I try connecting, I'm not asked for username and password as expected. Instead what I see is a "Connecting to XXXXX" message with a connect progress bar which takes a long time and then comes back with a report: "Connection unsuccessful". When I click on the diagnosis button, what comes up is: "Your modem or router is not availabble", yet I know it is. My big problem is why it does not give me an opportunity to provide the username and password when I try to connect but just starts connecting. Please keep helping me, friends. Thanks in advance.

  Bris 18:31 21 Feb 2015

Connecting with "limited access" really means no access at all.

Its likely that as the router is in an office the person responsible will have restricted access to it so that only authorised persons have access. One way of achieving this is to set up MAC address filtering where the physical address of the NIC in each of the authorised PCs is entered into the routers settings.

Have you spoken to the person in charge?

  K*B 16:12 23 Feb 2015

Yes Jock1e, I'm using Avast Free Antivirus. Any insight? Thanks in advance.

Now to Bris: thanks to you too for response. Actually I'm related to the owner of the office/business and I also know for sure that no MAC addresses have been entered into the router settings. When the business got connected to the internet through the Netgear modem, I went there with my vista laptop and tried to connect to the internet but failed. I was surprised because I knew other PCs and laptops were connected already, and I also knew that there are no authorised persons for access. Maybe I did something wrong when I tried connecting the first time? As I've already said the laptop does not even give me the chance to login first. It just starts trying to connect till it fails and reports back that connection has failed.

  K*B 19:00 25 Feb 2015

Thanks Jock1e, I'll give it a try and see what happens. Thanks.

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