Is my laptop completely broken?

  _mxstv 21:42 30 Apr 2017

I bought an MSI notebook nearly 2 years ago and never had an issue. Recently i came home from school and i opened my laptop to watch a movie when my laptop dropped from my bed, above knee height. I quickly picked it up in hopes that it wasnt broken, and it wasnt. It worked perfectly fine till i closed it to go to sleep. The next day coming back from school again i boot up my laptop and its incredibly slow and crashed windows at desktop. My laptop restarted with preparing automatic repairs and then went to the blue screen of death. It said windows boot was missing in the system not allowing it to boot up. Under it was a message saying i need an installation media, because my laptop doesnt have a dvd reader i prompted to make a windows 8.1 iso file onto a usb from my sisters computer. I stick the usb in and start my laptop and it takes me to tbe windows install/repair. I click the repair and go to refresh my pc (as i saw as advice online) and it says drive is locked and i have to unlock it. Then i tried to reset (at this point i didnt care about losing all my data) and it said i had no partition and that i have to create one.

After all of that i decided to take the usb out and restart my notebook and it gave me the blue screen of death with error code: 0x0000185. I tried looking all over the net for solutions i tried many including command prompt.. and this is where i cleaned my hard drive (windows boot manager wasnt showing up in UEFI either). I restarted my laptop with the usb stick in in hoped of working i click install on windows 8.1 creation media and it gives me my hard drive but it doesnt allow me to reinstall windows or fix anything at all.

Now im stuck where when i boot my notebook up it shows the msi logo then says checking media presence then no media present then goes straighy to UEFI.

Im guessing my HDD is dead and i cleaned it so theres no way of getting my data back on guessing... if theres anything i could do to solve this??

Also my question is if i buy a new SDD and install it would i be able to reinstall windows and my laptop will work fine and as brand new? Or do i need to take to a repair shop..

I know its long but i wanted you to fully understand, thanks for staying til this point.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.

  _mxstv 22:20 30 Apr 2017

@rdave13 if it works is there a way for me to recover my HDD data even though i cleaned it trough diskpart?

  _mxstv 00:03 01 May 2017

Ive already opened the laptop and disconnected the HDD's cables and reconnectrd them. I even took out the HDD itself and put it back in... im not sure whats going on.

  _mxstv 00:36 01 May 2017

Oh no... the laptop was pretty pricy... is there no way to allocate thr failure in the mobo or replace the hdd connection?

  Forum Editor 00:50 01 May 2017

"The drop might have damaged the drive."

If I understand your opening post correctly, the machine was running when it dropped to the floor. That being the case, hard drive damage is an even bigger possibility.

In your case, it does sound as though there may be drive damage.

  _mxstv 01:03 01 May 2017

Yes youre correct it did drop whilst it was on. I hope so, ill have to check tomorrow connect the hdd to an external reader. Thanks for your input im really worried since im a student and cant afford another pricy laptop.

  _mxstv 03:00 01 May 2017

Also i just remembered i have Two Toshiba 128GB M.2 NGFF SSD and a HGST 1TB 7200RPM hard drive. If that helps any further. I would appreciate more input.


  _mxstv 12:55 01 May 2017

It came with windows 8 standaed 64 bit already installed. I never upgraded it to 10.

  _mxstv 13:17 01 May 2017

My hard drive is being recognised using the external drive. But in disk management it says disk 1 unknown 931.51 gb not initialized .

  _mxstv 13:18 01 May 2017

And also says unallocated

  Forum Editor 13:31 01 May 2017

Are you prepared to go an a bit of a journey?

Take a look at this.

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