My laptop charger will not work

  dsimps6716 19:59 30 Aug 2014

I just bought a laptop on eBay and the laptop will not charge. When I plug in the charger it will turn on, but the charging light will only come on for a couple seconds. I do not know if there is something with the charger, the pc, or the battery. Any help will be appreciated.

  john bunyan 20:33 30 Aug 2014

The output of the charger can be measured. Sometimes the connector gets damaged. My local repair man checks for free. A new charger Issy not too expensive. Do you know anyone with the same make our charger output you could borrow to see if it works?

  alanrwood 21:07 30 Aug 2014

Are you sure the battery is not already fully charged?

  SparkyJack 16:23 31 Aug 2014

Remove charger from battery connection.

If the machine starts,there is charge there,band once loaded the top bar freight side you should see a %remaining indicator.

Withe the power still in plugged from machine, gently rock the power input socket if there is movement there,this may be the issue.

Frequent insertion and removal can over time caused the joints on the socket to break

  bumpkin 16:51 31 Aug 2014

Does it work if you remove the battery and just try running it from the charger?

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