My laptop can't detect the HDD

  MKing 13:26 27 Oct 2015

My parents bought a cheap, HP laptop and they have been using it for the last two years. Recently, the laptop wasn't able to load the OS (Windows XP), so I decided to re-install it. But, when I wanted to boot it up from a CD, I suddenly got an error. After that, I re-installed the OS on the HDD, but this time, it was connected to my PC and the installation was successful. When I reconnected the HDD on the laptop and tried to run Windows, I got a notification that the system didn't detect a hard drive. I tried to connect an external HDD, but I got the same notification again. Help? PS Sorry for my bad English, it isn't my arterial tongue.strong text

  onthelimit1 14:15 27 Oct 2015

You cannot install Windows on one computer and then move that hard drive to another (which I think is what you have tried to do) as it has to have the same hardware. What error did you get when you tried to install from the CD on the laptop?

  MKing 16:07 27 Oct 2015

The problem began when the laptop was loading the OS and I suddenly got a blue screen error. This was happening every time I tried to turn on the laptop. Somehow, it got stuck in that loop: Windows is loading, blue screen error and after restarting it, the same again and again... Then, when I tried to re-install the OS with a CD, but it couldn't load it. I checked if the CD was working on another computer and found out that it was working smoothly. After that, I re-installed the OS on the laptop's HDD from my PC, but you said that process doesn't work. The rest, I "explained" in the question above.

  onthelimit1 08:52 28 Oct 2015

In that case, I can only think that there is a problem with the laptop motherboard

  MKing 11:59 28 Oct 2015

I said the same thing to my father. Is there a way to replace/fix it or the best solution is to buy a new laptop?

  onthelimit1 14:22 28 Oct 2015

Probably difficult/impossible/too expensive to get a replacement. Laptops are such good value these days, I'd buy a new one for around £250. Some examples here

  MKing 15:02 28 Oct 2015

Thank you for all of this. I gave them my old laptop. It's a decent configuration for them.

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