My laptop appears to be infected with malware

  ekwong 13:07 01 Oct 2014

Hi All,

My laptop has in the past closed down my Chrome browser when I clicked on certain links but I always dismissed it.

The other evening I went to watch Doctor Who on BBC iPlayer and for some reason no matter what I tried it always closed the browser, I tried other websites and even just searching for it came to the same thing.

I tried to search about this problem and to see what anti virus software would be best, even though I ran a full scan using McAfee (which brought up nothing) but any sort of search also closed the browser, which has given me cause for concern.

Any help would be much appreciated.


  The Kestrel 13:47 01 Oct 2014

Download the free version of malwarebytes from click here and then run the program in safe mode on your laptop. Any malware found should then be removed using the program. This method is more likely to find any malware than running the program in normal mode.

Do you have an anti-virus program installed, unless it is part of your Norton program? If not I suggest you download AVG free version from click here choose the correct version, either 32 or 64 bit and then check for updates. Run this program in normal mode to see if you infected by any viruses and if so quarantine them.

  Cumbrian_gadgey 15:09 01 Oct 2014

I have also found malware bytes to be good. you could also run their anti rootkit. All of it should be done from safe mode as suggested previously. On one occasion I could get nowhere with even that approach and downloaded and ran a program called R-kill from bleeping computer. This terminates viruses that are stopping anti malware programs from running. That did the job together with MBAM.

Good luck.

  lotvic 15:40 01 Oct 2014

Seems more like a problem with Chrome to me. Reinstall Chrome or try another browser.

  spuds 15:45 01 Oct 2014

If you look through the various posts in the Helproom, you will find some similar questions being raised, regarding infection causing problems, possibly through bad downloads. Here's one to start with click here

  ekwong 19:39 01 Oct 2014

Thanks for all the responses.

I downloaded malwarebytes and AVG but I can't install either, I also tried reinstalling Chrome but after uninstalling, the reinstall isn't happening.

I've reverted to IE and that's experiencing the same problem of when searching certain terms.

I also tried to go back to a restore point, but it just closes the wizard down, no matter how many times I try.

This appears pretty much beyond me so I'll just send the laptop into somewhere, but thanks very much for your help.

  john bunyan 20:33 01 Oct 2014

Download and run ADWCleaner restart,


  Cumbrian_gadgey 12:21 02 Oct 2014

Did you try R-kill, as I suggested? You didn't say.

My problem was different to yours and involved blue screen, file duplication and all sorts. I was at my wit's end but that finally did the trick. I seem to recall trying system restore at the time with the same scary result as you are getting. either you haven't got an early enough restore point, or the thing is contaminating the restore.

I sincerely hope you manage to sort it. These (rude word not typed by me, but you get the idea) who try to wreck peoples' PCs for fun are despicable.

R-kill, I tried in desperation and it enabled MBAM to run and find the virus, when the pesky thing shut it down in prior attempts.

My ultimate last resort is a pain in the neck and involves doing a clean re-set of Windows from your discs or from safe mode. This eliminates everything and puts it back to factory settings. It works but you have to be prepared for hours of re-installing all your add-in programs and also accepting every single Microsoft update from the day you bought the machine! If you back up files, all well and good. I've not had a virus that affected my back-ups. Once you get your system clean, it would still be a good idea to scan your back-up storage devices before attempting to write them to your hard drive again.

Like I say, this tries the patience of a saint but works. Don't do it if you can get any better advice from here first! I've muddled through by learning the hard way. Others may have a better and less Draconian solution.

Once again, I wish you good luck.

  ekwong 20:41 05 Oct 2014

Quick update, so I've now tried all of the suggestions above.

Again thanks a lot, they all detected and removed things, but the problem is still persistent.

I managed to restart in safe mode and the problem doesn't occur then, so I'm assuming it's thoroughly embedded in my computer?

Either way, I've tried what I can short of restoring back to factory settings which I'll attempt when I've got more time.

It doesn't seem to be doing much apart from being inconvenient, so I guess I can live with it for now. I have, malwarebytes, AVG and Ad Aware so hopefully that'll keep me protected.

Thanks again for all your help.

  rdave13 21:03 05 Oct 2014

Follow Kaspersky's instructions to run TDSSKiller, link , sounds like a rootkit problem.

  spuds 23:22 05 Oct 2014

Give Malwarebytes Anti-Root Kit a try, I found that it worked fairly well in seeking out 'hidden' problems click here

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