My ISP provides Anti-Virus Protection

  Glen 20:10 21 Aug 2003

My ISP (Waitrose) sent me an Email in June to inform me that they now check all my incoming emails for viruses, and if one is detected the email will be deleted and another email with the subject 'Identified Virus intercepted' will be sent to me, together with the name of the virus and the address it appears to have been sent from. Their system is updated with the latest virus information every half hour.
This seems to be better protection than I had previously, when I updated the virus definitions every month or two. My questions are
1) Is it as good as it seems?
2) Do other ISPs provide this service also?
3) Can I reasonably get away with only a program to intercept Spam, such as "SPAMPAL", which I use now?


remember that they are only blocking viruses on one entrance to your system. you will still need an anti-virus program.

  Djohn 21:07 21 Aug 2003

Yes AOL check all incoming/outgoing mail for virus and delete/inform as necessary. But horiz5 is correct, you still need a virus checker on your own PC as well. [Surfing/downloading], also if you use floppy disk or CD that have come from unknown source, they need to be checked as well. j.

  krypt1c 21:11 21 Aug 2003

Question 1 - It's better than nothing.
Question 2 - No. Not all ISPs do it
Question 3 - A spam blocker won't stop all viruses getting by.
You should use an AV tool such as the free version of AVG click here
You should also install a firewall such as the free version of ZoneAlarm click here

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