Is my internet speed pathetically slow ?

  davecartman 12:40 20 Dec 2015

Reading the many questions and answers posted here, internet speeds are often mentioned eg. 6.8 MBs. this seems to be an acceptable speed. However if I run a test at my download speed is about 6.8 Mbs. Am I right or is my speed only one eighth of what could be classed as average. As you may guess I am not too well up on these things.

  rdave13 12:46 20 Dec 2015

If you're on an 'up to 8 meg' ADSL line then it is a good speed. If you're on a fibre connection then it's low.

  davecartman 12:50 20 Dec 2015

Thanks for that but the point behind my question is what is a meg. As I understand MBs are megabytes and Mbs. are megabits, only an eighth of megabytes, or am I more stupid than I think?

  rdave13 12:57 20 Dec 2015

Have a look here for a good explanation.

  davecartman 13:13 20 Dec 2015

Thanks rdave13, after a very quick look am I correct that I am being confused by some people expressing speed as MBs. when it should be Mbs. I will read the article in depth and I am sure it will help.

  spuds 13:25 20 Dec 2015

I would suggest that you try at least one or more speedtest websites, if you want a more better idea of what your speeds are. Try the test over various times of the day, because this might show any bottle-necks or throttling back that might be happening.

You may find this website very informative, but be warned it can get rather complicated in parts, and you do need to look deep for some answers click here

  rdave13 13:40 20 Dec 2015

Some do confuse MB with Mb. If you're download speed is 8 Megabits/second then you're downloading 1 Megabyte of data per second.

  davecartman 13:54 20 Dec 2015

Thanks rdave13 and spuds, everything is now clearer. I will try to get myself more ' up to speed ' on these things.

  bumpkin 15:35 20 Dec 2015

spuds, thanks for the link, a mine of information there.

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