My internet seems to have got alot slower lately..

  kikuta 16:27 26 Jan 2007

And for the life of me I cannot figure out why. Same setup as always, but its suddenly taking me up to 20 seconds to load a page.. im on DSL, any suggestions?

  cappac 16:32 26 Jan 2007

probally spyware malware trojan or the like try.. spy bot.. ad aware.. and give the computer a good clean run virus scan// spy bot and ad aware are both free//open internet explorer properties and clear cache and delete all offline material cookies ect

  spuds 16:51 26 Jan 2007

Sounds like Spring Clean time.If you haven't got any 'clean-up' programmes, then consider using one or all of these free to use and update downloads:-

a2 click here
AdAware click here
Spybot click here
Spyware Blaster click here
CCleaner click here
Microsoft Defender

Plus a defrag perhaps!.

  kikuta 22:37 26 Jan 2007

Thanks both but I regularly run symentec anti virus corporate edition, ad aware, have zonelabs and defragment the hard drive so its well 'cleaned' if you like :)

  polish 22:42 26 Jan 2007

if you have a modem have you tried rebooting it this sometimes works

  Kate B 22:56 26 Jan 2007

You might have a trojan - AV software won't pick those up. Try A2 and MS Defender as suggested by spuds. You could also clear your browser's cache and clean out your temp folder.

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