My Internet Gateway is too old (b/g) and telephone company Not provides a modern one... what can do?

  LeonidasSavvides 16:33 04 Mar 2015

My Internet Gateway (Modem/router) is too old (b/g) and telephone company Not provides a modern one... what can do?

Due to this is any thread for my PC(s) & Network (Mobile Devices)?

  lotvic 17:43 04 Mar 2015

Who is your ISP? (Internet Service Provider) and what deal are you on? (so we can look it up on their website and see what they provide)

What have they told you about them not giving you a modern new router with n ?

  LeonidasSavvides 19:55 04 Mar 2015


  lotvic 20:43 04 Mar 2015

As you are in Cyprus and we are UK England there's not a lot we can help with re your ISP.

The Website says: 'Internet Home service provides broadband access to the Internet using the ADSL2+ technology offering the customer e-mail access on the move via the Cytanet WebMail service' and you get a 'Free modem with Wi-Fi and router functionalities'

In the Internet FAQs it says: Can I use my own modem? No. Using your own modem is not possible

Seems strange that they haven't updated your b/g to a newer model with n if one is available.

Have you telephoned Customer Support? if so what did they say? Seems to me that that is the only way you can get a new modem, (perhaps the one you've got would develop a faulty wire.. and then it would need replacing.)

  robin_x 22:21 04 Mar 2015

I look for b/g/n and Gigabit router low cost deals every few months.

Also free routers with a USB port (for Print Server or NAS)

I don't see any.

I think you have to buy your own £100-150 router, compatible with ISP, to do it.


Also, it is no good if machines and drives on the network is not b/g/n and Gigabit.

OK for future-proofing of course.

  robin_x 22:23 04 Mar 2015

"compatible with ISP" means you may have to configure by yourself.

A router is a router.

  robin_x 22:31 04 Mar 2015

If you find ISP who provides better equipment or cheaper cost, you can tell your ISP you want to leave them.

If they want to keep your business, they may agree a deal.

This tactic is common in UK.

they recently upgrade to "n" wifi ZTE 931ii. 100 speed RJ45

but my one XP laptop conflicts with "n" signals but not "g" signals... when detect "n" shuts down auto...

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