My internet connection suddenly goes away, I can only connect to google images, WHY????

  sandpoint 10:40 04 Dec 2014

My internet connection suddenly stops. My modem is fine (I have internet connection) but in Chrome, suddenly pages won't load. When this happens I can't connect to anything online except Google Images (isn't that weird?) The only way to get my internet back is to reboot the PC, and things go back to normal, but after 15-20 minutes, my connection might still collapse although things look normal both on my router and other connection indicators.

Simply what happens is, I try to connect to a page, it says "waiting for.. etc." at the bottom left of Chrome, and the page is plank, the circle in the new tab keeps spinning forever. When this happens my connection is gone, except I can only connect to Google images and nothing else will load, even my peer block won't update. (same thing in other browers so I guess it's not something about Chrome?)

I do the flush dns thing, reset winsock etc. None of these seem to work and I'm about to lose my mind. Please help for the love of god. Thanks in advance.

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