My HP pc will not boot up even with recovery disk

  krsna 08:49 23 Dec 2008

My pc will not boot up and it was hanging just before it got to the welcome page. I tried various repair options including HP's own solution to reload the lsass file:-
click here
After no joy I tried doing a recovery but when 74% of the recovery program is loaded up an error occurs
“ The file H:\ WINDOWS\system32\dllcache\lsass.exe cannot be recovered” After finishing the rest of the recovery the pc tries to load up xp but after a few minutes hangs on a black screen with a white mouse arrow in the middle and both keyboard or mouse have no effect.
I do not want to do a destructive recovery which is the next level up on the recovery program.What can I do?

  ened 09:01 23 Dec 2008

You don't say what your os is but assuming you have xp or later have you tried pressing F8 as it boots and, instead of repair, select 'Last known Good Configuration.'?

Can you remember what changes you made prior to this happening?

  krsna 09:14 23 Dec 2008

Yes it is xp, I have tried f8 and the various options including "last known good configuration" and safe mode, but the pc does not load up xp even in safe mode option.
As far as I can remember I have not made any changes prior to the pc going faulty.

  Technotiger 09:47 23 Dec 2008

Hmm, so it gets to the white arrow/black screen stage - I witnessed a similar thing on a friends PC running XP a while ago, I noticed that he had among other things, his printer switched on, after switching off the printer his PC started as normal.

The moral of this story is, that if you have any extras, like external drives/printer/scanner etc make sure that they are all off - then try starting again.

  ened 09:55 23 Dec 2008

Following on fromn Technotiger I was going to suggest unplugging everything excapt the mouse and keyboard and then trying to boot.

  Terry Brown 10:39 23 Dec 2008

This is from another forum (webuser) and it may help.
You can download a recovery ISO from click here.
The size is about 120 meg and will need to be burned to a CD.

This is primery a Vista Recovery disk, but will also run chkdsk on XP, which may cure the problem

  woodchip 10:49 23 Dec 2008

I would say its a Hard Drive problem, as F11 recovery is not working. Try using a Disc repair tool. There may be something on this click here

  shellship 11:24 23 Dec 2008

Mine did this after an automatic Windows Update. In desperation I turned everything off and unplugged the computer from the mains and left it for a while. Plugged everything back in and restarted. Bingo, all fine and my blood pressure returned to normal.

  howard64 11:58 23 Dec 2008

I had this problem with an hp desktop a few months back and tried everything including various memory checking progs. The memory was shown as fine. I then did a memory upgrade for a friend who gave me their old memory. I stuck this new memory in the hp in place of its own and it did the recovery and is now running perfectly. If you have more than 1 strip of ram installed take all except 1 out and try again. Change strips if you get the same result.

  krsna 21:01 23 Dec 2008

I have tried the vista recovery disk & I ran chkdsk but it did not do anything it ran in read only mode.
I am thinking of buying one of these repair disks & see if it does any good . I just want to save the data & then if I have to do a destructive re-install that is ok.
Any suggestions.

  woodchip 22:01 23 Dec 2008

The one I posted is Free

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