My HP Pavilion PC reboots from time to time

  stlucia2 20:14 03 Apr 2018

My HP Pavilion PC from time to time (maybe once a day) emits a "pffft" noise from the speaker in the LCD monitor, and shuts down without warning. It happens whether I'm on the internet or working locally. The monitor displays the 'Monitor is going to sleep' message and then almost immediately the HP logo is displayed and the PC goes through the normal boot-up routine. Any ideas what the cause might be, or how I can investigate further, please?

I've seen a couple of similar threads a couple of pages back in this forum, but their description doesn't sound the same as what mine is doing.

My PC is running Windows 10 64-bit with an AMD 12-9800 Radeon R7, 12 Compute Cores 4C+8G, 8.0GB RAM, AMD Radeon R7 Graphics.

  wee eddie 22:28 03 Apr 2018

My AMD Chipped PC does this about once a day.

I have assumed that it has been caused by the botched attempt to overcome the "Spectre " Problem

  stlucia2 11:05 04 Apr 2018

I wasn't aware of the 'spectre problem' or any attempt to overcome it! Is this a fault that would warrant me sending my PC back to the vendor for replacement?

Anyway, I'll try rdave's suggestion to disable hibernation and report back in a week or so (if I remember!) to say if it seems to have cured it.

  stlucia2 20:30 07 Apr 2018

"Sometimes, as a workaround, disabling hibernation works with this issue. Find CMD (admin) and copy and paste powercfg -h off and press enter. Note that fast startup is also disabled so your boot time will be slightly longer."

I've tried that at the command prompt, but it wouldn't allow it. But I managed to execute the command in 'Administrator: Windows Powershell' -- or at least I think I executed the command, for there was no error message. I'll see how it goes.

  Govan1x 09:03 08 Apr 2018

FE will be having a look at titimachine post.In the meantime do not be clicking on his red _ _

  stlucia2 13:18 19 Apr 2018

So far so good!

12 days now since I executed the command that rdave13 mentioned, and so far my PC hasn't shut down unexpectedly. As mentioned, boot time is slightly longer, but that's no hardship compared with shutting down in the middle of a task.

  stlucia2 13:12 20 Apr 2018

Thanks rdave13. I've clicked on 'Is the answer' against your first thread.

  stlucia2 08:42 21 Apr 2018

Having clicked on 'Is the answer' it now says 'Is not the answer' against the post. That doesn't look right. Am I supposed to click on every post except the correct answer, so that they all display 'Is not the answer'?

  stlucia2 10:48 21 Apr 2018

That's what I thought initially rdave13. But when I came back to the thread later I thought it looked a nonsense that every post, except your correct one, now shows 'Is the answer' against it -- that could lead a casual (or even regular) user to think that every post is correct except for yours! The concept is good but, in my opinion, the display of the result could be better.

  Gordon Freeman 10:52 21 Apr 2018

'Is not the answer' becomes available if you previously said it was the answer. Confusing I know, but that's the way it seems to be.

  stlucia2 11:59 21 Apr 2018

Ahhh, I see. So nobody other than the originator is seeing all those 'Is the answer' texts. Not so confusing I suppose, now that I know how it works.

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