my Hp laptop 15.6'' 320g 3g ram

  fredmc08 17:39 03 Aug 2011

can any body help i am new to laptops? i am connected to a cable wi-fi and i have a belkin wirerless router so i am coverd around the home so what do i need to buy to get internet access any ware i have a 34 express card slot i was told by the people i bought it off? so what is the best way to get on the internet with a usb wireless stick. or a express card or don't i need anything hope you can help i have been trying to out for over four days now i don't no if it is the way i was asking the qestion or what thanks mr fred mcdonald

  robin_x 17:48 03 Aug 2011

Goto Control Panel\System and Security\System and tell us what ext HP model it is.

Or look on the label underneath (Don't drop it!)

I suspect a widescreen HP will already have wireless, just needs turning on.

Advice will be more accurate with Model Number.

  cocteau48 18:00 03 Aug 2011

The wireless key on my HP laptop is the F12 key (it also has an antennae symbol on it)and only requires to be pressed on its own and not in conjunction with any other key.

  Strawballs 19:47 03 Aug 2011

If you mean when you are away from th home then you will need a 3G dongle from one of the mobile phone networks.

Something like this

  woodchip 20:57 03 Aug 2011

On my HP Laptop its a button that changes to Blue when switched on

  woodchip 20:59 03 Aug 2011

Forgot to say about one and a quarter inches to the left of start button

  Strawballs 12:12 04 Aug 2011

fredmc08 said that it is connected to wireless router so it is covered around the house!!!

  woodchip 17:47 04 Aug 2011

Sounds like he means he wants a Mobil Dongle like T Mobil or 3

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