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My headphone's microphone doesn't work on PC

  Diego Perez 04:26 16 Sep 2019

Well, so i've been trying to use my headphone's microphone to record my voice on my PC. But it simply won't work. I connect the headphone's jack to my pc's front pluggin, and it recognize it has a microphone, but when i try to record my voice, i only hear static, it doesn't even reacts to the volume of my voice. I have tried to record on my smartphone, and it works perfectly... And yes, i'd connected it to the PC's microphone pluggin If you could help me, i would be very glad :C

  wee eddie 09:07 16 Sep 2019

It needs a combination socket, as I assume that it is a single cable from the head set to the pink & green Sockets

  Diego Perez 17:59 16 Sep 2019

Oh, so there isnt't any way of make it work without a combination socket? :B

  wee eddie 18:27 16 Sep 2019

As far as I know, if the Phones and the Mic, connect to the PC with a Single In-line Plug, which is what most Laptops have Sockets for.

The only way you will get it to work as a Mic alone, is to plug it into your PCs Mic Socket and carefully move it back and forward, till it gets to the correct point, which may not exist.

  Menzie 19:46 16 Sep 2019

If your PC doesn't have a headset socket like phones or many laptops do. Then you need an adapter that will split the single connection into separate audio and mic connections.

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