Is my HDD dying?

  elgar 21:46 31 Jan 2005

REcently my PC seems to be making some ugly noises - grinding and whirring types. These seem to be coming from the vicinity of my C drive. In the last couple of days the system has taken to suddenly shutting down in teh middle of activity. Is this a symptom of imminent HDD failure? I have backed all of my files and while I have added a second HDD as slave I'm a bit scared of installing a disk and OS etc.

  stalion 21:56 31 Jan 2005

very much sounds like your hard drive is on the way out you will get all the help you need on here if it comes to installing a new hard drive and os so do not worry.

  elgar 22:05 31 Jan 2005


I better get to the nearest Hard Disk shop! Any recommendations

Currently I have two 80GB drives

Maxtor which came with the Mesh system and one I got from PC World. I was considering going for a bigger drive as i want to record TV

Any ideas?

  lezw 22:15 31 Jan 2005

try click here better value than pcworld

  Charence 23:01 31 Jan 2005

click here is as good as EBuyer.

You're not mentioning backup, I do hope you've made one!!!


  nick_j007 23:10 31 Jan 2005

It could go any time!

Back up crucial data ideally onto DVD given its size.



  stalion 23:12 31 Jan 2005

already mentioed he has backed up his files

  elgar 22:45 01 Feb 2005

Thanks everyone esp. stalion - no backup? ha ha ha ha ha!!!

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