My hard drives knackered?

  Kate B 19:30 09 Feb 2007


My boot is showing an error with the Raid - Nvidia stripe. I'm getting NTDLR missing but I'm assuming that's because the bios can't see a hard drive to boot from. The Vista recovery console tells me there's no hard drive. This happened yesterday and then the problem went away. Is one of my drives/both drives dead? They're nearly two years old so I wouldn't be astonished, but before yesterday there was no clue that they were sick.

  brundle 19:31 09 Feb 2007

Try some manufacturer's diagnostics; click here

  cycoze 19:32 09 Feb 2007

I think the first thing to try is checking the cables, SATA cables can vibrate loose.

  brundle 19:32 09 Feb 2007

Oops, sorry page here

  Kate B 19:36 09 Feb 2007

Good idea about the cables, I'll go and wiggle them. We did have to reset the CMOS during the install so it's possible something came loose then. Thanks, chaps.

  Totally-braindead 19:44 09 Feb 2007

Kate B its suspicious isn't it. You have to update the BIOS in order for Vista to detect your RAID array and 2 days later hard drive failure. I don't know if the hard drive diagnosics would work with Vista. Its worth a try.
It can happen as I'm sure you realise but I personally wouldn't assume that just because the hard drives appear to be failing under Vista that that is actually the case especially bearing in mind the RAID issue but am unsure as to how you would test it.
Before you dispose of them, and I realise this will be time consumming, I would be tempted to blank the PC again, install XP and try that for a couple of days. Before you do that though, if I remember correctly your Vista is a full version and therefore you are entitled to support from Microsoft and I would certainly think it is worth a couple of calls to them before you do anything else. If there is some problem with RAID it stands to reason that if this is what is causing it that Microsoft would have heard something about it by now even if they have no solution. They are after all not just dealing with PCs from the UK but from all over the world and subsequently should have more knowledge of problems.

  Totally-braindead 19:45 09 Feb 2007

Should have though of the cables, hopefully it is as simple as that.

  Kate B 19:50 09 Feb 2007

Yup, cable-wiggling has done the trick! *wipes sweat*

It makes sense - we were fiddling around the mobo when resetting the CMOS. Thank you all for your hand-holding and support, as always.

  Totally-braindead 20:02 09 Feb 2007

Twice lucky, once with the BIOS and now this. You're using too many of your nine lives Kate.

  Kate B 20:24 09 Feb 2007

Tell me about it! *considers buying lottery ticket*

  Kate B 21:14 09 Feb 2007

OK, it's official, I'm the luckiest woman on the planet. After the woes detailed here, I noticed it was a bit chilly. Radiators had gone off, the boiler was running but had no flame and there was a bit of a funny smell :(

I ran a bit more water into it but it wouldn't come back to life. Then finally I reset it - and bingo! It's alive! No need to give the boiler repair man half my savings tomorrow! *does jig of joy*

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