My Hard drive predicament

  phoenix_one 11:31 02 Sep 2003

Finally reaching PCA site!

I have a problem reformatting my hard drive,

I run 2 hard drives on my system and dual boot ME and XP pro. I would like to reformat the hard drive with ME on it so that it can be used for backup space instead as i no longer use ME.

I have tried to reformat the drive which is drive C: (XP loads off D:) I have tried from XP and ME, I have tried to right click and format and it does not work at all in any file foramt or combination. I have tried to format it from control panel disk drive manager. That fails.

I have run scandisk, defrag, virus checker and nothing cures the problem.

Someone suggested using my Win XP CD but that just seems to try to install XP over the top of itself and im not willing to try to muck up my PC.

Can someone suggest something maybe using command promp because I have no idea where to go next.


The hard drive I want to reformat is a 30Gb Maxtor with ME installed on it.

The other Hard Drive is a 60Gb Seagate with XP Pro on it.

Thanks for your help in advance


  alcudia 11:42 02 Sep 2003

You could try using your XP CD. Instead of going into XP setup press R for recovery. Select your installation and enter your password. You should be left at C:\Windows> Type format C: and press enter. (you say C is the drive you want to format). It should leave D alone and at the end you will be back at C:\Windows. Type exit and press enter. The computer should restart with XP untouched and a clean drive C. I would wait to see if anyone else confirms this procedure before trying it though.

  xania 11:43 02 Sep 2003

Making sure you have a bootable floppy disk, disable your 60Mb disk then boot from floppy and FDISK your 30Mb dive, removing every partition. Then recreate a single primary partition (you can either make this cover the entire HD or just as mach as you need, leaving the rest for later) and, on rebooting from the same floppy, allow the system to reformat the partition.

This should get rid of everything.

  toz666 13:13 02 Sep 2003

if u dont like using fdisk which i would say should be avoided at all costs by the beginner.

me personally in your shoes to save a lot of messing about, if as u say the win me is no longer needed and by that i mean everything, i would just shut down my pc, and dissconnect the main "c" win me drive, and basically swap them around, on the ide cables, basically making the win xp the new default "c" drive and then reboot and u should see win xp boot up and see your win me drive as "d" (if all has gone well)then u will be able to right clik the win me drive and format in windows, and have a complete clean drive.

obviously if u are not comfortable at opening your pc and are unsure about doing the above,then ignore it and try the other methods.

me personally wud avoid the fdisk at all costs, ive seen to many folk come to me with deleted/formated partitions and all lost.

again only my opinion.

  toz666 13:16 02 Sep 2003

oh 1 more thing iam not 100% sure on this but i think u cant format the "c" drive at all within windows as it is the default and needs to be there at all times.

also u dont say how u have arrived at the dual partition, have u used any 3rd party dual boot programmes. or have u jusy got the windows default dual boot menu on startup.

  toz666 13:18 02 Sep 2003

spelling amendment above

meant to say "dual boot"

not "dual partition".

  phoenix_one 15:18 02 Sep 2003

When i arrive at dual boot it is the windows default boot list.

If you think that swapping the drives across the ide cables is a good idea im fine with it.

I built the pc so no probs going back in there.

I think when u sed
"i think u cant format the "c" drive at all within windows as it is the default and needs to be there at all times. " this is explaining why i cant reformat the drive from windows.

The point is the predicament is large. my ideal plan is:

Reformat C:
Transfer documents from D: to C:
Reformat D:
Install XP on C:
transfer documents from C: to my documents

(when i say documents i mean more than docs u can put on a cd, i mean all the drivers and savefiles)

bump it up to the top then!

  Rayuk 15:22 02 Sep 2003

I think you will have to change the boot file so you can boot into XP as Drive C

Do a search on dual booting the info is in 1 of the threads somewhere.

  phoenix_one 15:29 02 Sep 2003

Is it true that even though xp is on my D: drive the boot file will be stored on D:

Does this mean that I cant reformat C:

Do I have to reformat both drives then?

Im so confused.

I just want 2 clean drives and my data intact

I may just have to hope i can get evrything onto CDs

  phoenix_one 15:38 02 Sep 2003

How do i run the recovery console?

  Rayuk 15:39 02 Sep 2003

click here;en-us;314081
May help

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