is my hard drive gone?

  Cloud strife 12:08 11 Mar 2003

a few weeks ago my pc started to go wrong it started when i was uploading pictures from my floppy disks that i got off the internet at my local library because i don't have internet at home a blue screen kept popping up with an error message on it. my family use the pc to play games on it, we installed a game about a week after the blue screen kept popping up. after that when we turned the pc on the scren did not come on a few times so we took it to a pc repair shop in the next village it came back a week later saying that they could not find anything wrong with it then about a week ago we could not get the screen to come on at all and my dads friend came around to look at it he looked at it for a few hours and he reckoned the hard drive might have gone ************************************************** then two days ago i took the pc to pieces and put it all back together again and now the screen comes on but when i turn the pc on now i come up with about 5 commands =normal boot (we tried this did not work) log txt (havenot tried yet) safe mode (we tried this did not work) a command i have forgotten the name of (where you type commands in like scandisk.etc) (we tried this but hardly anything worked not even scandisk) and another command same as one above but in safe mode i got a message a few times one was cmos checksum error or bios checksum error one time i got hard disk failure i turned off the power disconnected the hard disk and reconnected it and now it has gone back to where the stars are up there ^ could you please help me?

  AndySD 14:12 11 Mar 2003

My first reaction would be to have a look at the battery on the Motherboerd and note its type then go out and buy a new one to replace it.

  SMB Systems 14:39 11 Mar 2003

If you get the screen with 5 options then most likely the hdd is working, i agree with AndySD above, but it also looks like your windows installation has a problem and that could be due to a virus or bad program that has corrupted the installation, probably best thing to do is to backup anything possible from the system and try reloading windows over the top of the current installation. If this doesn't work you may well need to format the hard drive and start from scratch. Your local pc repair shop should be able to give you more detailed instructions or carry out the work for you.

  woodchip 15:56 11 Mar 2003

You have corrupted the Files with the game, It's the worst thing out. What Operating System

  Cloud strife 10:15 04 Apr 2003

the operating system is windows 98se and now theres a message saying that the registry files are broken or corrupted the device drivers aren't responding to anything i do every time i try to enter safe mode or normal mode it just says cannot read drive c abort fail retry or ignore anything i then type then just resolves in shutting down i tried formatting it after 2 whole days it was formatting the hard disk it says something about ran out of memory so what should i do sorry about it being a little late i had some work to do at work and i haven't had chance to come to the library

  woodchip 15:38 04 Apr 2003

if you have tried to format you will have removed some files I would suggest you format this way. Start your computer with your Win98 Start-up disc then leave until it gets to A:\>type FORMAT C: and press enter it will work from the floppy disc. After you have formatted your drive restart with floppy disc and choose start with CD rom support put your Win disc in and got to you CD drive letter if it was D: type E: as it will have changed one letter up until you have loaded windows so when you get E:\ type setup and press enter

  Cloud strife 13:57 05 Apr 2003

i have tried this and it just says cannot read drive a:\ i have also tried loading up with the cd rom but it says cannot read drive d:\ or e: \ i have tried disconnecting the floppy drives and the cd rom drives and reconnecting them in case i did not connect them properly the first time and this still does not work

  woodchip 14:23 05 Apr 2003

Go into cmos at the start of your computer to see what the first boot device is, to get into cmos watch the screen as it boots, there will be a message that says TO ENTER SETUP PRESS XXXXX the XXXXX being the key on the keyboard that you have to press, it could be Del for delete key for first boot device choose floppy then CD then HD also on the first boot screen make shure that the 1.44 floppy is checked as the floppy drive

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