is my hard drive dead?

  mrmikeyb1 20:38 23 Nov 2005

Here's the scoop.

I turned my pc off last night and went to bed.

Next morning I went to turn it on and noticed that the lights on the front of the tower were still on but the computer appeared to be turned off (no sounds).

I turned the power off and then on (at the back of the tower) and tried turning it on again (at the front). Nothing. All the lights come on (internal and external), the fans run and the cd rom drive whirs (the others never made any noise that I could hear even when the computer worked).
The screen remains black and in a hybernating mode.

Is it my hard drive or my mobo? I admit that I use my pc alot (24/7) and was wondering if I burned my hard drive?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


  josie mayhem 21:12 23 Nov 2005

It could be your graphic card. As if a hard drive failure, then you would get a can't find disk message on your screen.

It could also be that some of the components have worked them self loss, so need re-seating.

If this doesn't resolve anything, try your graphic card in another computer

Also check your cables from monitor to pc, never know these might have been pulled or worked lose.

  hzhzhz 21:21 23 Nov 2005

Try reseating memory modules. It worked for me when I had similar problem.

  hzhzhz 21:22 23 Nov 2005

Turning power off and unplugging from mains first.

  woodchip 21:28 23 Nov 2005

All typical of Failed PSU

  User-312386 21:34 23 Nov 2005

It does sound like a failed PSU (power supply unit)

  mrmikeyb1 21:41 23 Nov 2005

Thanks for the advice. I will try later today.

I'll let you all know what happens.


Last queery

I should be able to run 24/7 shouldn't I?

  woodchip 22:02 23 Nov 2005

Yes but I never do, Think of the Environment. I switch of at night.

  ade.h 22:54 24 Nov 2005

Can a PSU fail only partially? mrmikeyb1 still had lights and fans on.

  woodchip 22:56 24 Nov 2005


  mrmikeyb1 23:03 24 Nov 2005

I don't know much about this stuff so could someone shed some light on how a PSU could fail completely or partially?? So as to prevent future occurances.


still working on it. Suppose I should buy a new PSU and try it.

Keep the ideas comings they are much appreciated and informative.


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