my hard disk acctivity showing led is always on

  Cristy 13:06 28 May 2003

Since a wile, the led from the front of my computer which signals when the hard disk is working, is not flickering anymore, but stays on all the time.Also i noticed a slowing in the programs that i'm running.
Is it a software problem or hardware?
Please help!

  Terrahawk 13:35 28 May 2003

could be a variety of causes

first off run an antivirus scan
2 check processes running are you overloading your ram and dipping into the hard drive for memory
how much hard disk space available
some p2p file sharing apps can also cause this sort of problem
just a few ideas i hope they help

  -pops- 13:36 28 May 2003

As a first, I would check for viruses and spyware.

Spyware can be detected with click here and click here

Use both as one may pick up things the other misses.

If they don't find anything, it may be the Windows indexing service. Come back here if you need more help.


  The Sack 15:25 28 May 2003

Windows Prefetch?

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